So, what is a keto diet? In short, a keto diet is a very effective strict low carb diet. When on a keto diet, your body starts using fat for energy instead of sugar (glucose) for energy. When the body converts to burning fat for energy instead of glucose, something called ketones are produced. As a result, the body is said to be in a state of ketosis. Ultimately, the result is significant weight loss that often occurs in a relatively short period of time.

what is a keto diet

Macronutrients – Foods We Eat & Drink!

Macronutrients are provided in the foods eat. A “macro” nutrient is a nutrient that we need in comparatively larger amounts than the micronutrients the body requires. While there is often some overlap in the categories of food we eat and drink, the macronutrients that we can be categorized into five main categories. The categories include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, and water.


Carbohydrates are sugars, pastas, rice, grains, potatoes and breads.


Proteins include meats, cheeses, seafoods, beans, soy products and dairy products.


Healthy nuts, oils, avocados, and olives are all a healthy source of fat.


Vegetables, fruits and grains are source of fibers on a traditional diet.


Water that we drink is the main source of water. However, there is some water in food.

A Traditional Diet

Carbohydrates are usually the largest group of macronutrients consumed on a traditional diet because carbohydrates are provided in abundance in a number of different food groups. For this reason, it is really easy to eat more carbohydrates than the body needs and can use at once. As a result, the excess carbohydrates keep getting converted and stored as fat.

Macronutrients – On a Keto Diet

On a keto diet, the number of carbohydrates consumed are significantly reduced. So, your carbohydrates are reduced more than when you are on a basic low carb diet. To partially compensate for the reduction in carbohydrates, the number of healthy fats consumed must be increased to supply the body with the needed energy required to fuel the body.




what is a keto diet



The Keto Diet

Healthy fats will need to be a comparatively larger portion of macronutrients consumed on the keto diet. This is just an example illustrating what your plate may look like on a keto diet.

what is a keto diet
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