With your membership you can not only access the weekly meal planner with grocery list, but also the monthly meal planner with a grocery list. You have already been introduced to the basic features of our low carb meal planner. So, this page will walk you through the super easy steps for using our weekly meal planner, monthly meal planner and how to access your grocery list!

Monthly Meal Planner

To access the weekly meal planner with grocery list simply click on “Meal Planner” in the website menu. Then you will see the weekly meal planner and ultimately the monthly meal planner as well. You will be prompted to log-in to your account to access these features,

Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

Weekly Meal Planner

Once you click on Week 1, you will have accessed your empty weekly meal planner. Click “Add Item” to select the recipe you want to add. The recipes from your inbox will appear. If your inbox is empty, you have not added any recipes. Go to the “Recipes” in the website menu. If you do not know how to do this, please review the simple steps in the low carb meal planner.

low carb meal planner

The Shopping List

Once you have added recipes to your weekly meal planner, you can now simply click the “Shopping List” button to view your grocery list!


Start your 7-Day Free Trial now. That is all there is to using your weekly meal planner with grocery list feature.

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