The Founder’s Story

Hello Everyone! I am Lyn, the founder of Low Carb Diet Life! I am so happy you found the website. Since you found your way to this page, I will tell you a little bit about myself and my weight loss journey. I am a very active single low carber that enjoys staying busy doing beneficial things. I am currently casually learning to speak Vietnamese in order to speak with Vietnamese speaking people in my community and fine-tuning the little bit of Spanish that I known. As time permits, I enjoy cooking, blogging, designing, studying, researching, writing and traveling.

In spite of having a really busy schedule for many years, I have managed to stay on a variety of low carb diets for more than 15-years. As an active low carber, I usually prepare simple low carb meals that require minimal preparation and clean-up.

In addition to being an active low carber, I am actually a low carb foodie – especially on the weekend. During the week, I endeavor to make low carb snacks to take with me on-the-go. However, I must admit that some of these snacks never make it past the door! : )

If you enjoy traveling, I have lived in different countries and traveled around the world on a low carb diet, so I am an experienced low carb traveler. Finding (or discovering) low carb foods to eat can be challenging in some countries. However, we have a simple keto and a low carb diet travel guide. Some of my travel stories are shared in the SIMPLE Low Carb Magazine.

The Weight Loss Story

I am about 5’8 inches tall and weigh about 134 pounds. At this weight, I am about a size 6 or 4. However, as a teenager I usually weighed around 150 pounds. At that weight, I was wearing a size 10 or 12. After graduating from college in 2002, I weighed about 175 pounds which put me in a size 16. So, I started my weight loss journey wearing a size 16 in 2002.

At the time, I had never been on a diet before, so as a seemingly natural-born researcher, I researched! I learned about calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And as a result, nutrition has stayed a special interest of mine for almost 15 years!

This is not a health blog or a medical blog, but I am an experienced health care professional with pre-medical school training. However, as mentioned, I have enjoyed researching and studying health and nutrition for many years with a special interest in helping diabetics eat healthy, lose weight, and feel good.

Our low carb meal planner is an online meal planner that is monthly and  weekly meal planner with grocerly list! If you are counting macros you can determine how many calories you actually need with our calorie calculator. In this way you can avoid weight loss plateaus.

We alsp have several great low carb diet books, foods, recipes, and meal plans available when you JOIN US. Please subscribe and get social with us! We do not want you to miss a thing!

Bye for now – Lyn