Protein Intake – How Much Protein To Eat Per Day?

Your protein intake is very important! Therefore, finding out how much protein to eat per day is a really smart thing to do!

We are essentially walking and talking protein (insert laugh). Therefore, we certainly do not want to starve the body of needed protein. Doing so may negatively alter the overall health and chemical make-up of your body.

Many people on a ‘keto” low carb diet take collagen supplements. In this way, they can restore or prevent some of the side effects caused from having a limited protein intake. The most common noticeable deal-breaker is hair loss as a result of having an insufficient protein intake. However, among many other things, a person can also lose muscle when their protein intake is too low.

Therefore, within reason, when in doubt, eat or drink some low carb protein! Otherwise, you can end up with random side effects that you may not realize are caused by having a lack of protein in your diet.

You can take time to learn more about protein and collagen. In this way, you will remember to monitor your protein intake carefully. Now that that has been cleared up, lets briefly discuss your daily protein intake.

How Much Protein to Eat Per Day?

According to the Dietary Reference Intake, an inactive person should have a protein intake of 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. Therefore, a sedentary 100 pound person needs to eat about 36 grams of protein per day. So, not considering the possibility of fat and a few carbohydrates, this would contribute about 144 calories to your diet.

Therefore, if you are doing moderate exercise or light weight body building, you may need to up your protein intake. When you are building muscle, your body will need a larger protein intake to build and restore muscle.

When a person is sick, wounded, or injured, the body will need more protein to heal and repair itself. So, keep this in mind. If you get sick, make sure you up your protein intake in order for your body to heal without pulling protein from a less essential source like your hair and nails. Homemade Chicken Bone Broth is a excellent way to gently increase your protein intake.

High Protein Foods

Eating low carb meat and low carb seafood are great ways to get your daily protein intake. Even though they are not complete proteins, low carb nuts are also a good source of protein. Dairy products are another source of complete proteins. So, on a keto low carb diet, low carb cheese is another protein intake option. Nevertheless, with such rapid weight loss that results from a keto diet, it may still be beneficial to take collagen supplements.


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