Phase 2: Group Coaching Program

Phase 2: Group Coaching Program

The Phase 2 Weight Loss Coaching Program is designed to compliment Phase 1. It is a way for you to fine-tune your diet by being able to choose better food, nutrition, and exercise. Although designed for Phase 1 participants, anyone can join the Phase 2 Weight Loss Coaching Program.

It is a combination of group coaching and access to self-guided low carb diet and food education. This is an effective option for those on a budget.  Here you can get an introduction to low carb diet nutrition, access to meal plans, and daily calorie needs. Once you learn the difference between the keto, atkins, and low carb diet, you can easily customize and navigate a low carb diet according to your health and dietary concerns.

Phase 2 Program Includes:

Monthly Group Coaching Call, Email Access, Support Group, Weight Loss Coaching Program

$26 (Free 2-Day Trial)Monthly Subscription

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