Personal Weight Loss Coach

Personal Weight Loss Coach

Working with a personal weight loss coach can help you realize that being healthy, energetic, and relatively fit does not take a lot of time. Especially when you learn on-the-go with our online personal weight loss coaching programs.

Many people mistakenly compare using a dieting app with a personal weight loss coach. However,  an app does not provide insight on which diet plan to follow, healthy foods choices,  or what to do when you are hungry.  In addition, an app does not take each person’s unique set of health concerns  into account.

Others may confuse a personal weight loss coach with a personal trainer. While a personal trainer shows you how to tone, build muscles, and burn unwanted calories, a personal weight loss coach teaches you how to prevent excess fat from being stored in the first place.  And, what is more, a personal weight loss coach can answer questions for your long-term weight loss success.

Personal Weight Loss Coaching

What  Does A Personal Weight Loss Coach Do?

A Personal Weight Loss Coach does more than determine your ideal weight, provide you with a diet plan, and help you boost your activity for the day.  A personal weight loss coach can help you:

  • Resolve Weight Loss Plateaus
  • Provide Meal Prep Suggestions
  • Help You Figure Out What to Eat
  • Provide A Sense of Accountability
  • Help Track Your Progress
  • Implement Customized Dieting Techniques
  • Determine Daily Calorie Needs
  • Macro & Micro Nutrient Education
  • Budget-Friendly Exercise Suggestions

Coaching Plans:

  •  Single Coaching Session:
    • This is a 45-minute single session one-on-one coaching plan. (Learn more.)
  • Phase 1 Coaching:
    • Included six weeks of “no-brainer” approach to dieting to one-on-one weight loss coaching. (Learn More)
  • Phase 2 Coaching:
    • Monthly group coaching (email access): Learn how to fine-tune your diet with food, nutrition, exercise. (Learn More)


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