Low Carb Diet Exercise Routine

After losing 50 pounds, my low carb diet exercise routine has been quite flexible over the years. When traveling abroad or living in the city, I use gyms or endeavor to walk wherever I need to go. In more suburban areas, I endeavor to take advantage of local hiking and biking trails.

However, when time is limited, I have found some pretty creative ways to keep a decent low carb diet exercise routine. So, I will share some of my low carb diet exercise routine tips and tricks with you.

low carb diet exercise routine

1. Making Your Time Count

In the morning, instead of standing there watching the coffee brew, I use those 5 – 10 minutes to walk around inside the house. In this way, I get my blood flowing and ready to face the day before having my first cup of bulletproof coffee, chai latte, or Moringa tea. For some, this is definitely an easy way to start your low carb diet exercise routine.

2. Exercising During Lunch

When I worked in an office, some days or weeks I spent most of my time sitting behind a desk. So, when it was time for lunch, I would use about 20 minutes of my lunch break to stroll around outside (weather permitting). When it was too wet, cold or hot, I would casually walk the halls in the building without causing a distraction. The entire building usually took their lunch at the same time. So, when I took my lunch during the time that they took their lunch, I could easily walk around inside the building without it looking tacky.

3. Working From Home

When working from home, I endeavor to stop and get up at least a few times throughout the work day to walk around the house. When weather permits, you can walk up and down your driveway or around your neighborhood to get your low carb diet exercise routine done. If you live in an apartment complex, you can walk the halls of your apartment complex, or, if safe, walk around outside the apartment complex.

4. While Running Errands

When shopping and running errands, you can make a habit of not looking for the closest parking spot. Instead, find a parking spot that is a safe distance from the door and walk. As a single female, I have lived in tiny rural towns and several major cities, so you will have to use your own judgement with this. Do not park a great distance from the door at night when you are alone or in a questionable area.

5. Before Going to Bed

At night, before going to bed, I again walk around the house for five to ten minutes. I usually do this if I have had a relatively inactive day or have treated myself to some low carb desserts. In this way, I can maintain my weight and keep a good low carb diet exercise routine.


6. Muscle Building

A low carb diet is very effective for weight loss without working out. However, if you decide to implement a more rigorous, body-builder kind of low carb diet exercise routine you must compensate by increasing your protein intake. This will not only curb your increased appetite, but it will also provide the needed protein to restore and build muscle.

Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat! Therefore, if you start gaining muscle while losing weight, the scale may not move or seemingly move in the wrong direction. In other words, it can be mentally counterproductive. For this reason, light exercise is recommended until you are well on your way to reaching your goal.


These are simple exercise routines for a person that has a more sedentary job or day of activity. However, over the years, I have also had several very physical jobs that have thus far kept me relatively toned without going to the gym!

Either way, you can see that a low carb diet exercise routine does not have to be super-heroic or involve going to the gym. It just has to be something that can be consistently and easily done. Because of this, anybody can implement a good low carb diet exercise routine.

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