Low Carb Breakfast Egg Recipes

The low carb breakfast egg recipes are a great way to start your low carb diet or keto diet. GET STARTED

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Scrambled Eggs

The simplest low carb breakfast egg recipes are our low carb keto scrambled egg recipes. They are super easy to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With a variety of scrambled egg recipes from around the world, some of the recipes are quite delicious for a keto brunch, keto lunch, or keto dinner. This is especially true when you serve the savory scrambled eggs paired with one of our savory keto bagels or savory keto biscuits.

Omelettes (Omelets)

An omelet is a fried egg that has not been scrambled in any way. Well, many of our egg omelet (omelette) recipes are simple microwave omelets. You can mix all of the ingredients together in the same bowl in which you intend to microwave the eggs. Therefore, you can literally be eating your low carb breakfast egg in a minute or perhaps less than a minute. So many of the keto omelets are quite easy to make. Then too, some can be quite filling when eaten alone. Nevertheless, they too can be served with a keto breakfast bread.


The “other” low carb breakfast egg recipes include a combination of yummy egg wraps, egg cups, and egg pizzas. The egg wraps can be filled with meat and vegetables either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While the delicious egg cups are typically served as a convenient on-the-go low carb breakfast egg idea. Like the keto egg pizza, most of these low carb breakfast egg recipes are good stand alone recipes. Therefore, many of them can be very filling all by themselves. So, you can see that the low carb breakfast egg recipes include a variety of egg-inspired recipes.

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