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How to Make Keto Omelets (Omelettes)?

Our keto omelets are simple low carb breakfast egg recipes that can be eaten for a high protein, low carb breakfast. Many of them are simple microwave omelette recipes. So, depending on where you are from, some of the keto omelets are like miniature frittatas or miniature crust less egg quiches.

By definition, an omelette or omelet is a dish made from whisked or beaten eggs that is then fried in a butter or oil in a skillet of some sort. The egg or egg whites are often mixed with a small amount of heavy cream, water, milk or some other liquid. The egg omelet is then fried without moving the egg mixture around. Around the world, keto omelettes or keto omelets vary in the style of their preparation as well as in the ingredients before, during or after preparing the omelettes.

Preparation Style

  • Fold Over – As implied by the name, fold over keto omelettes or omelets are fried without moving the eggs and then wrapped around a delicious savory filling of some sort.
  • Open Face – An open face keto omelette is not folded over in any way. An Italian open faced omelette is specifically called a frittata. So, an open face omelet is basically a sort of crust less quiche or egg bake.

Ingredients Added

Like keto scrambled eggs, the is an endless list of different things that can be added to keto omelettes or keto omelets. You can add a variety of different fresh vegetables, herbs, meats, or cheeses. An Iranian omelette (Kuku) includes a large amount of chopped herbs. So much so that the Kuku egg omelette looks green. In Thailand, the egg for their egg omelettes are mixed with a fish sauce and served with sriracha sauce.

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