Keto Gummy Bears

Keto gummy bears are incredibly delicious and easy to make sugar-free gummy bears!

Where to start?

With all the gummy bear health benefits provided, keto gummy bears are a delicious and satisfying snack for both young and old alike! Most are incredibly easy and fun to make by yourself or with your kids! In my experience, these homemade keto gummy bears do not cause any gastrointestinal upset. So, you can snack on a serving of these keto gummy bears whenever you want. These keto gummy bears can be made a variety of different ways using a variety of different flavors and sweeteners. These different methods can be further enhanced with things like immune-boosting, skin enhancing, and teeth strengthening vitamin c powder.

Other supplements can be added for additional health benefits. For example, you can make keto magnesium gummy bears, keto apple cider vinegar gummy bears, or keto probiotic gummy bears. Or you can just make yummy flavored keto skittles gummy bears or keto starburst gummy bears just for the fun and flavor.

keto gummy bears

So, what are keto gummy bears?

In short, keto gummy bears are sugar free low carb gummy bears. These keto gummy bears are either sugar free gummy bears or no sugar added gummy bears. The sugar substitute used to sweeten the gummy bears will depend on which keto gummy bears recipe that you choose.

Keto gummy bears do not elevate blood sugar levels significantly and sugar free gummy bears will not cause damage to you or your kids teeth. They are basically really delicious diabetic gummy bears for someone with prediabetes or someone managing their diabetes without medication.

So, thus far you know that keto gummy bears are good for prediabetics, some diabetic, kids, and adults. So, let’s discuss the keto gummy bears even more.

keto gummy bears


These low carb gummy bears are extremely easy to make! For the most part, you will need to select a flavor, a mold, and a gelatin or collagen.

  • Flavor – The type of flavoring added will depend on the keto gummy bear flavor that you choose. Some can be made with a presweetened and preflavored mix while others require a keto flavoring of some sort and a keto sweetener of some sort.
  • Mold – Any gummy candy mold can be used. You can be as creative as you like making gummy worms, gummy rings, or gummy animals. Then too, you can just stick with traditional gummy bear molds. I prefer the larger sized rubber molds like the flip flop mold because they are larger and easier to pour and eat.
  • Gelatin – When making keto gummy bears for your kids of just for a snack, you can use a basic unflavored gelatin. When endeavoring to use them as a collagen supplement you can use the Unflavored Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin to make the gummy bears.

The mixture for the keto gummy bears will be hot after microwaving. Therefore, adult supervision is needed for kids. However, the keto gummy bears typically set quickly. Therefore, you can easily be eating your keto gummy bears in about 30 minutes or less. You can go straight to one of the recipes for specific instructions. But if you want a general overview, you can also peruse – What Do You Need To Make Gummy Bears?

Curb Appetite

In my experience, these keto gummy bears seem to curb my appetite. After making and inhaling a small batch of keto gummy bears, they leave me feeling full and satisfied for longer than anticipated. There is no science or research that I have done to support my observation, but it is my personal observation with these keto gummy bears.

No Gastrointestinal Problems

I have personally scarfed all of these yummy tasting keto gummy bear recipes. Thus far, they have never induced any gastrointestinal problems. No cramping, no bloating or other discomforts. This is not the case with some of the sugar free gummy bears that can be purchased.


Many of these keto gummy bears recipes include vitamin C powder. Vitamin C is something that the body does not store. It is something that we must include in our daily diet. It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, however, supplements are a great option on the keto diet. One of the health benefits of vitamin C is that it can help boost your immune system. It does this while working along with collagen to strengthen your skin, joints, teeth, hair and nails. If you are unfamiliar with collagen, you may want to read – What Is Collagen And What Does It Do?

Collagen Supplement

Keto gummy bears can be made with a basic unflavored gelatin or a collagen supplement. If you are looking for the grown up health benefits of strengthening your hair, nails, skin, joints, and teeth, you may opt for one of the keto collagen supplements. There are many keto collagen powders that can be used in a variety of different things. However, the one recommended for making keto gummy bears is the beef gelatin collagen powder. Otherwise, if you are making these keto gummy bears for your kids or just to snack on, a basic unflavored gelatin will get the job done.

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