Keto Grits Recipes

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As a southerner, you may find the keto grits recipes to be a super yummy treat! Who would have thought that their would be a good substitute for grits when you are on a keto diet or low carb diet. So, what can be said about these keto grits recipes? As a budget-friendly low carb meal planner and low carb recipe provider, the portion sizes for these keto grits recipes are worth mentioning.

Portion Size

The serving size is about the size of a package of instant grits. And you can also be eating some of these keto grits recipes in about the same amount of time it takes to prepare instant grits. If you are in the maintenance mode of your weight loss journey, you are in good company here. Nevertheless, if you want or need a larger portion size to meet your daily calorie needs, simply hit the 2X or 3X button to double or triple the keto grits recipes.

Low Fat

Some of these keto grits recipes can be an excellent filler when you do not need or want a high fat meal. So, these keto grits recipes are an excellent choice for people that are on a basic low carb diet. And, if you have been on the keto diet for any length of time or are perhaps in maintenance mode, you are aware that the body does not need an endless amount of fat. So, people on a keto diet can certainly benefit from these keto grits recipes as well.

High Fiber

The keto grits recipes are also high fiber. Therefore, some of them can help lower your blood pressure, your blood sugar, and your blood cholesterol levels.

Low Sodium

Many of these keto grits recipes are extremely low in sodium. So, if you are on a low sodium keto diet or low sodium low carb diet, you can easily add or eliminate the ingredients with more sodium than you want without the entire recipe falling apart on you.


The main ingredients used to make these keto grits recipes are vegetable based. And the secondary ingredients either do not include any animal products or can be easily substitute for a vegan version of the ingredient. For example, you can use vegan butter, vegan cheese, and vegan bacon to replace the non-vegan aspects of these keto grits recipes.

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