Keto Drink Recipes

Rejuvenate and refresh yourself with one of the delicious, healthy keto drink recipes.

Some of the keto drink recipes can add a beneficial boost to your keto diet, low carb diet, or diabetic diet. In fact, switching from high carb drinks to low carb drinks has always been one of my first suggestions for starting to eat healthy, lose weight, and feel good. Drinks are a wonderful and easy way to remove excess sugars and carbs from your diet. And, with time, they can be a wonderful way to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and special dietary needs. Well, as you continue on your journey, you can further enhance your health in a variety of ways with different beneficial keto drink recipes.

Sugar Free / No Sugar Added

As many know, a sugar free drink does not mean that the keto drink recipes are not sweet in taste. They are indeed sweet. Instead of being sweetened with traditional high carb sugars, they are sweetened with a variety of yummy sweet tasting low carb sugar substitutes. No sugar added keto drink recipes are also sweet in taste. Even keto approved low carb fruits will contain at least a small amount of sugar. Therefore, keto drinks prepared with fresh fruit will contain a small amount of natural sugars. Then, in most cases, the drinks can be sweetened to taste with a low carb sugar substitute.

Vitamin C Enhanced

The vitamin C health benefits are quite impressive! Vitamin c is a potent antioxidant with immune boosting properties. It also required for collagen production – the substances that keeps our joints, hair, nails, skin, and teeth healthy. Any of the keto drink recipes can be enhanced with a vitamin c powder (ascorbic acid). However, some are already naturally enhanced with vitamin c rich fruits like lemons and limes.


As we go about our day, the body is constantly replacing and renewing cells in the body. The process results in free radicals being produced. Without appropriate intervention, the free radicals can slowly accumulate causing inflammation that lead to common diseases. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that can counteract their effect. Fortunately, most teas are rich in antioxidants.

Specific Health Benefits

And last, but not least, the keto drink recipes can be prepared with special health benefits in mind. For example, you can drink anti-inflammatory drinks to help with body aches and pains. When feeling anxious, you can drink a soothing magnesium drink. Or, in the winter months, you can drink keto drinks with natural warming properties that can help improve blood circulation. Or, you can fight the winter blues with a simple keto hot chocolate. In this way, you can benefit from its mood-boosting properties. These are just some of the specific health benefits that some of the different keto drink recipes can provide.

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