How to Start a Low Carb Diet?

How to Start a Low Carb Diet?

The best way to learn how to start a low carb diet is to do your research. So, congratulations! You are already on the right track. This page is definitely a good place to start! You will learn what a low carb diet is, its health benefits, diet tips, the how-to start guide, and finally end with a link to actually starting a low carb diet.

Carbohydrates are present in everything that we eat. In fact, a carbohydrate is the basic building block of living things (organic chemistry 101). However, the structure and amount can vary greatly. Therefore, to maintain a low carb diet requires a careful selection of low carb diet foods.

Getting Started

If you are a carb-a-holic (like most people), the best way to start a low carb diet is in a slow, but progressive manner. In this way, you will not send your body into a state of shock. So, if you start by gradually reducing your carbs, you will have a much better chance of success. Therefore, I will introduce you to some general suggestions on how to start a low carb diet. Then, we will start getting into the nitty gritty of starting a low carb diet.

1. Getting Away From Excess Carbs

Getting away from excess carbs is the next step in learning how to start a low carb diet. Therefore, this mini how-to guide will give you suggestions on how to start eliminating carbs from your diet. Foods that must be limited are pastas, breads, beans, starches, rice, and other foods with added sugars. However, I will rarely mention these things because my advice is to focus on what you CAN eat.

A. Drinks

Most drinks are full of sugars! Therefore, this is the best place to start training yourself how to start a low carb diet. Simply evaluate what you drink on a regular basis. If you are drinking high carb drinks, find alternative low carb diet drinks that you can palate regularly.

If you are accustomed to drinking coffee, do not stop drinking coffee abruptly. You will have a major withdrawal headache. Regular coffeehouse drinks are usually full of sugar and carbs. Therefore, depending on which low carb diet plan you decide to choose, you can either learn to drink black coffee or try some of our low carb coffee drinks.

To cut back, you will have to slowly reduce your caffeine intake. Instead of 3 full cups of coffee each day, try to drink only three 3/4 cups a coffee.  Then reduce it to three 1/2 cups or two 3/4 full cups of coffee per day. Otherwise, just find a sugar-free low carb creamer that you like.

Sodas are bad for us in general and the fake sugars are an unhealthy low carb substitute. Therefore, drinking fresh water is the best way to get started. If you must have more flavor, you can add fresh squeezed lemon juice, orange juice, or grapefruit juice just to give it a bit of flavor. However, keep in mind that you are adding a few carbs to the water.

If you are a caffeine soda drinker, you can use a similar method. Therefore, you can reduce your soda intake. Another option that I do not recommend is switching to a sugar-free soda. It will be low carb and help you lose weight, but attempt to taper off the sodas for the health benefits.

If you are a regular juice, soda, and coffee drinker you may be surprised by how much weight you can lose simply by drinking water and black coffee instead. This statement is made under the assumption that you are currently drinking high carb beverages. Sugar-Free Low Carb Drinks and Low Carb Energy Drinks are another less intense alternative.

B. Meals 

Whatever you currently eat, try to eat less of the carbohydrates. In other words, have more meat and green vegetables on your plate than any other food. If you are eating chili, omit or reduce the amount of rice. If burger and fries are being served, eat the burger and skip the French fries. Or, eat less than what you would normally eat and then save the rest for a snack or light breakfast. Remember this a “how to start a low carb diet plan” guide. Therefore, this is just prep work before starting a low carb diet.

2. Plan Ahead

Fast-food can be hard to avoid at times. Therefore, if you frequent a certain fast food restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner decide what low carb item you can eat before you get there. For example, instead of ordering a breakfast burrito, you can order 2 scrambled eggs with cheese. If you are stuck with going out for lunch, you can order chicken nuggets or a kid’s meal.

At home you should be in your safe haven. Therefore, you should at least make it hard to cheat. When grocery shopping, do not buy things that you trying not to drink or eat because you will eventually eat them. Buy yummy low carb snacks that you can eat.

Dining out can still be fun on a low carb diet. If you are dining out, eat a light low carb snack before you get to the restaurant. In this way, you will have the strength to skip the high carb bread or crackers on the table. Then too, you will be less likely to overeat when the meal arrives. Therefore, when possible, plan to have leftovers when dining out.

3. Determine Your Modus Operandi (M.O.)

A low carb diet is very effective. However, if possible, I think it is good to give yourself the occasional break. In this way, you do not fall completely off the wagon (so to speak) and start eating in an unhealthy way again. Therefore, this section will introduce you to some ideas that may work well for your needs. It will help you decide on a low carb diet mode of operation. This is really how to start a low carb diet that you can continue.

 A. The Social Carb Eater

When going on a weight loss journey, something you do not expect is criticism for being an ideal weight. Therefore, at one point, I was a social carb eater. At home and in private, I ate a low carb diet. In a public setting, I would treat myself to some high carb foods if they were present. For example, if one of my patients brought pastries or breakfast I’d enjoy the gift. However, once I got home I resumed a low carb diet plan. If it happened too often, I’d eventually have to pass on the pastries etc. or save them for another day.

Similarly, if a friend invited me to dinner, I’d usually enjoy something with a lot of carbs. But I would attempt to be balanced. If I ordered a burger and fries, I would pass on dessert. On the other hand, if I wanted a dessert, I would order meat and vegetables for dinner with a nice dessert. So, balance is still important. If you eat out with friends frequently, you will have to modify “the social carb eater” plan for yourself.

B. The Weekend Carb Eater

I have personally never been a “weekend carb eater”, but my co-worker followed this modus operandi. At first, I thought it was not a good idea, but it worked quite well for her lifestyle. She would eat a really strict low carb diet during the week and then eat whatever she wanted on the weekend. However, keep in mind that she was very young and agile with a body that could still deal with the carb, sugar, and fat overload over the weekend.

Since I have been on a strict low carb diet, I would personally feel a little sick if I tried this method. It’s not the healthiest way to go. Once you start achieving a healthy weight, be modest by picking only a few things that you want to eat over the weekend. In this way, the weekend carb eating plan is not a bad way to go.

So, do not binge eat just because its the weekend.  This would be unhealthy for your body and counterproductive with regard to your weight loss.

C. Strict No Carb Eater

The strict no carb eater plan is primarily for those with health problems that relate to carbohydrates. This is not to say that someone with candida yeast or leaky gut syndrome can never have anything sweet or high carb. However, if you are in the early stages of trying to remedy these two situations, a strict low carb diet is important to your recovery. In addition, a person with cancers may want to stick with a relatively strict low carb diet plan even when being social. These are individuals that will likely be looking for a low carb, high fat diet plan.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope this helps your new low carb diet lifestyle get started on the right note. This concludes the guide on how to start a low carb diet.