Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet – 8 Reasons to Get Started!

There are several health benefits of low carb diet plans. Eating a low carb diet is certainly not all about getting and keeping a lean body. Losing weight is just one of the added perks of being on a low carb diet! To be clear, sugar is a carbohydrate (carbs) that is sometimes called by its chemical name glucose. Sugar is the body’s primary source of energy. However, since we are bombarded with an excessive amount of carbs in our diet, there are many health benefits to eating a low carb diet plan. So, what are the health benefits of low carb diet plans? Continue reading to find out.

1. Quick Weight Loss

Most people eat way more carbs than the body actually needs for energy. The result is that excess carbohydrates are converted and stored as fats. Therefore, when we reduce our sugar and carb intake, it forces the body to taps into our reserved energy supply – fat! Fat is stored “potential” energy. Therefore, when you start a low carb diet, your body will break down the excess “potential” energy (fat) in your body and use it for fuel. In this way, you will lose weight. So, weight loss is clearly one of the health benefits of low carb diet plans. Take the 30-Day Low Carb Diet Challenge for Beginners to see for yourself.

2. Improved Blood Glucose Levels

The body uses insulin to escort glucose (sugar) out of the blood and into the cells. When a person consumes high amounts of sugar or carbs, it causes the pancreas to work hard and produce more insulin. If a person has a weak pancreas or if the pancreas becomes overloaded with excessive sugars and carbs, insulin production becomes inadequate and/or your cells can become resistant to insulin. Therefore, a low carb diet will reduce the level of sugar in the blood requiring transport, thereby improving your blood glucose level and reducing the workload on your pancreas. In fact, some of our clients have learn how to reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes without medication on a strict low carb diet.

3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Excess weight is a major cause of heart disease in the United States. Therefore,  being on a low carb diet for weight loss, can result in lowering your risk of getting heart disease and high-blood pressure. However, there are other factors that must be considered like limiting your sodium intake and getting more fiber in your diet. In a person with healthy kidney function, eating a high potassium, low carb diet can remedy high blood pressure. Nevertheless, the health benefits of low carb diet plans are evidently beneficial for reducing heart disease.

4. Reduced Sugar Cravings

Sugar can be addictive. Therefore, as you train yourself to eat a low carb diet, you will crave less sugar.  In this way, sticking to a low carb diet becomes easier and easier. And as alluded to earlier, your pancreas will have to produce less insulin. Insulin is the molecule used to transport sugar to the liver for its conversion to energy. In this way, your reduced sugar cravings will reduce the load on your pancreas and reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

5. Minimize Growth of Bad Bacteria

Excess sugar promotes the growth of bacteria, viruses, and yeast inside your gut. Once the good bacteria balance is loss in relation to bad bacteria, it can be hard to restore your intestinal bacteria balance. In fact, things like candida yeast starts taking over your intestines. The result is that it can crowd out the good bacteria needed to keep the body healthy enough to break down foods properly. Then, it opens the way for more bad bacteria to proliferate along with the yeast overgrowth. Bacteria and yeast both thrive on sugar and other carbohydrates. So, you can imagine how things can get complicated quickly.

6. Reduce Risk of Candida (Yeast) Overgrowth

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. This fungus enjoys feasting on sugar and high carb diets. And as a result, you can end up with any number of random health conditions that can be very difficult to treat. A person may end up with new food allergies, physical fatigue, brain fogginess, bad breath, body odor, and a leaky gut. At this point, a low carb diet is essential to restoring and maintaining your health. However, additional methods of intervention are required. One of the best long-term treatments for a person with candida yeast overgrowth is maintaining a low carb diet. Therefore, these individuals concentrate primarily on maintaining a low carb, low sugar diet plan and low carb, high protein diet plan.  Then, if needed, you can mix it up a bit with a low carb, high fat diet plan. In this way, you will reduce your candida yeast overgrowth and prevent or heal your leaky gut syndrome.

7. Improved Cognitive Function

Research indicates that excess sugar can increase cravings, anxiety, and mental fatigue. In fact, research shows that sugar is addictive. Therefore, the more sugar and carbs we eat it, the more we crave it. You will learn that one of the great things about being on a low carb diet is that you can eat more healthy fats and still lose weight – without being mentally sluggish. I enjoy eating a variety of low carb nuts and other low carb snacks to increase my fat intake.

8. Reduced Risk for Certain Types of Cancers

As a retired oncology professional, one of the most profound things that I learned in school is that cancers love sugar. In fact, when a person is diagnosed with a cancer, the oncologist will often order a special exam called a PET Scan. What makes this scan unique is that sugar molecules are added to the contrast medium before it is injected into the individual. This is done before the scan because cancers love sugar. As a result, the contrast medium will be highly concentrated wherever the cancer is located, thereby determining were there is metastatic disease. Not feeding the growth of cancer unnecessarily is yet another one of the health benefits of low carb diet plans.


This concludes the summary of the health benefit of being on a low carb diet. In my experience, the low carb diet process can be quite fun and we have an online low carb store to make it easier! This is especially true when you are interested in achieving the health benefits of low carb diet plans.

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