Daily Calorie Needs

Your daily calorie needs are the calories that your body need to function properly each day. Daily calorie needs are based on your weight, height, and level of activity. Therefore, your daily calorie needs will not be a “one-size fits all” kind of parameter that you can share with others to help them lose weight. Each person will have slightly different calorie needs.

For example,  the daily calorie needs of a U.S. Mail carrier will be higher than someone with a desk job even if they are the same height and weight. On the other hand, the daily calorie needs of someone that is 5’2 will typically be much less than a person that is 6’2. And lastly, someone that weighs 400 pounds will need more calories than a person that weighs 200 pounds.

Therefore, your daily calorie needs will not remain the same as you are dieting. These are some things that may require you to eat more or less calories. As you lose weight, your body will require less food. Things like your level of activity may also change your daily calorie needs.  The only factor that typically remains constant is your height.

This is just an introduction to daily calorie needs. You are invited to learn more about your daily calorie needs and nutrition in our Low Carb Diet Life Program.

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