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Hello & Welcome to Low Carb Diet Life!

I am glad that you have found the website and hope that you enjoy our recipes and information. Eating healthy, losing weight and feeling good is what Low Carb Diet Life is all about! We help people with type 2 diabetes restore their health and in many cases get off different medications with the right delicious low carb food combinations. However, we are not partial. Anyone interested in eating healthy, losing weight and/or feeling good is welcome to join our Low Carb Diet Life Membership program.

The founder of Low Carb Diet Life is a premedical school graduate with an interest in natural health and wellness for almost 20 years. Therefore, she knows from many years of personal experience and patient/client observation that food truly is medicine!

Eat Healthy: When a person makes healthy food choices according to their personal needs, a person can recover from a variety of ailments including type 2 diabetes.

Lose Weight: Making healthy food choices often leads to weight loss because the body will feel nourished and satisfied with less. Junk foods do not have the vitamins and minerals that the body require, therefore a person eats more when they are really just in need of certain vitamins and minerals.

Feel Good: Eating healthy foods and shedding extra weight can make you feel good – physically and mentally.

The aforementioned results can be achieved by anyone with the right delicious low carb recipes, nutrition information and nutritional tools. Our Low Carb Diet Life Membership program is a tool that enables you to do just that. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Low Carb Diet Life.

Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Feel Good

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Purpose: Enable people with type 2 diabetes to eat healthy, lose weight, and feel good all around the world.

Mission: Help people with type 2 diabetes avoid diabetic complications by reclaiming their health by making educated food choices.

Values: Health, Diet, Nutrition, Food & Education – Because knowledge is power.

Headquarters: Located in Beaumont, TX – USA

Founder: Read the founder’s story.

Membership: Membership is optional with a one-week free trial period. You can cancel at any time. Learn more about our membership.

Funding: Low Carb Diet Life is funded in part by our Members. Our membership program is a necessary feature in order to keep the website up and running. We are not sponsored by anyone in the diet industry.

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Intended Reach: Low Carb Diet Life has a special interest in helping people with type 2 diabetes reclaim their health by eating healthy.