8 Low Carb Diet Tips to Get Started!

This is a list of eight low carb diet tips. Starting a low carb diet is easy once you get in a routine of doing the right things. This list is essentially a strategy that will help you kick-start a low carb diet life. Therefore, these low carb diet tips will help you get started for success.

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 1.Be Patient, Yet Consistent

Being patient, yet consistent is one of the best low carb diet tips to remember. A low carb diet is best achieved by gradually substituting high-carb foods, and drinks for things that are low in carbohydrates. Therefore, you should get your mind ready to eliminate some things and experiment with some new ingredients! You can read “Stop Dieting, Lose Weight, and Keep It Off!” to learn how I made the change to a low carb diet.

2. Learn What You CAN Eat

Learning what you can eat is one of the next best low carb diet tips to apply. Instead of being consumed with learning what to avoid on a low carb diet, be sure to learn about all the delicious things that you can enjoy on a low carb diet. In this way, you are better able to keep moving forward.

3. Avoid “Going on a Diet!”

Yes – you read that correctly. Sounds a bit ironic, but it is not a typo. Going on a diet is a sure way to lose weight. However, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you are not “going on a diet!” You are learning a new lifestyle. One that involves eating healthy low carb foods regularly. So, the way you eat must become a habits or your permanent way of eating. In this way, you can lose weight and keep it off. Otherwise, you are just going to be yo-yo dieting. But do not worry – there are lots of good food to eat on a low carb diet or a keto diet!

4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The best way to avoid a temptation, is to not allow yourself to be tempted. When shopping, purchase enough low carb snacks and do not buy unhealthy high carb foods that you know you can not eat on a low carb diet. If it is in your cabinet or refrigerator, it is often just a matter of time before you go eat what you should not.

5. Grocery Shop on Full

This is another one of the low carb diet tips you should really adhere to. Going to the grocery store when you are hungry is a really bad idea! Ultimately, you are going to get more than you need, buy things you should not, and then eat more than you should. Therefore, you should eat a meal before you go grocery shopping. In this way, you will have more self-control. This tip will help both your health, your weight and your budget.

6. Shop Along the Perimeter

You are learning how to start a low carb diet, so I will simply suggest that you shop along the perimeter of most grocery stores. Once you develop low carb diet eating skills, you will see that most of the healthy foods you can eat on a low carb diet are not down the aisles of a grocery store.  Most grocery stores place their fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meats along the perimeter of the grocery stores. Nevertheless, there are a few beneficial low carb diet foods that can be found on the inner aisles of a grocery store. However, since most things down the aisles are off limits, it is a good idea to make a list and get what you need.

7. Make a List

Make a list so that you can get everything that you need at once. Then, you can shop with a purpose instead of “browsing” and being tempted to pick up every strategically placed item along the way. This is how to start a low carb diet. My personal list of low carb diet foods include healthy low carb meats, dark green low carb vegetables, low carb cheese, low carb nuts, low carb fruits, and a variety of low carb snacks. In fact, you can just order your groceries online for delivery. This can be a huge time, budget, and belt saver.

8. One Last Thing…

Check the serving size! This is another important one of the low carb diet tips to keep doing. At times, items may appear to be good low carb diet foods. Then, when you check the serving size it is only a tiny portion. Therefore, you will likely eat far more than what they consider to be a serving size. For example, a nutrition label on a 20 oz. drink may state that it has 9g of carbs. However, when you look at the serving size it may state 8 oz. This means that if you drink the entire beverage, you are drinking more than 18g of carbs.


These are some of my best tips that have been working for me for many years! I have recently added more low carb lifestyle tips. Learn them well and refer to them as often as needed. I also came across some pretty nice suggestions on a blog post entitled, Put Your Best Fork Forward – Small Changes to Help You Find Balance.

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