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This free Winter 2022 Edition of SIMPLE is another playfully designed keto, low carb magazine. It features over 100 pages of content. Many people are already realizing the benefits of a low carb diet lifestyle. Therefore, SIMPLE is a keto magazine for people on a low carb diet.

The low carb magazine includes an exciting mix of keto recipes, health, wellness, and keto gardening. After all, a low carb diet is not just about losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, it is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling good too. In this Winter 2022 edition you can discover ways to lose weight or maintain your goal weight during the comfort food eating time of year.

Downloading & Uploading

For a professional page turning experience, iPhone users can save or upload this edition of SIMPLE to their iBooks App and Android users can install the NOOK by Barnes & Noble App to upload the magazine to this magazine reader. In this way, you can have the best digital magazine viewing experience. Then too, you can easily return to the magazine and pick right back up from wherever you left off.

The Kindle App is currently not a working option for viewing the low carb magazine with all of its active features. If the featured links and buttons do not function with a particular reading app you are using, this keto magazine can be viewed in the PDF format with workable features. Click the blue button above to access the Winter 2022 Edition of the digital SIMPLE keto magazine.

Keto Recipes

Was ordering warm soups, sandwiches, and oven fresh breads one of your favorite things to do before starting a keto diet? Well, you may love the keto recipes shared in this edition of the keto magazine. It features an array of warm keto soups and a variety of warm keto breads. This is paired with a selection of keto cookies for dessert. All of the keto cookie recipes are small with portion control built right into the simple recipes.


Does cold air really make us get sick? Find out in the spotlight on health series. The Winter 2022 Edition focuses on the benefits of staying warm. Do you need some ideas for getting the exercise you need or want this winter? Find out how you can stay fit without going to the gym.


The keto gardening for beginners’ section provides you with a list of cold hardy keto vegetables that you can start growing right away. And you will find a list of things you will need to get your spring and summer garden start while waiting for the frost to leave. So, you can start growing a winter garden and plan your garden for 2023 while you wait spring.

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