Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seed Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits of papaya seeds are nothing short of amazing! The papaya seeds derived from the papaya fruit are loaded with a variety of health benefits. However, those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant may want to avoid eating papaya seeds. Some research indicates that papaya seeds are a type of contraceptive for both men and women. Another word of caution from the research is that the health benefits of papaya seeds are best achieved with small (1-2 seeds) daily doses. Larger doses could potentially cause unwanted side effects.

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

1. Promotes Good Digestion

Papaya seeds are a really good all-natural digestive enzyme. It contains a high amount of papain which is a proteolytic enzyme that helps your body digest or breakdown the protein. Therefore, promoting good digestion is one of the most popular health benefits of papaya seeds. Many people take papaya digestive support as an inexpensive alternative to digestive enzymes. However, researchers believe that the health benefits of the papain enzyme are not limited to food digestion.

2. Destroys Intestinal Pathogens (Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites)

Another one of the more popular papaya seed health benefits is that it can destroy a variety of pathogens that often have a very negative effect on the intestinal tract. Papaya seeds are known to destroy salmonella, staphylococcus, E-coli, parasites, and worms! While some of these ailments are uncommon in the United States, people can and do end up with some of these conditions. So, papaya seeds or papaya seed powder, may help in cases of suspected food poisoning as well.

Papaya Seed Health Benefits

3. Natural Treatment for Dengue Fever

While not very common in the United States, dengue fever is common in many parts of the world. There is currently no prescribed medication or vaccine used to treat this mosquito born virus. As a mosquito hosted virus, dengue fever is commonly presented in people that live in wet tropical parts of the world like the Philippines, Thailand, and other island nations. Papaya seeds, papaya seed powder, or papaya leaf tea is commonly used to improve the outcome for people with dengue fever. For this reason, researchers believe that papaya seeds may be a useful all natural anti-viral for other diseases as well.

4. Improves Liver Function

Both prescribed medicines and over the counter medicines like acetaminophen can lead to liver disease. There is experimental-based evidence suggesting that a small daily dose of papaya seeds has been an effective treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

health Benefits of Papaya Seed

5. Improves Kidney Function

Many medications can also have an effect on kidney function. Papaya seed extracts contain nephroprotective phytochemicals. One research study showed that papaya seed extracts reversed acetaminophen-induced changes in the kidneys. Therefore, another remarkable health benefit of papaya seeds is that it may help to improve kidney function.

In Summary

One simple way to get a small daily dose of papaya seeds in your diet is by adding it to your food. Papaya seeds can also be used like cracked black pepper in food. Therefore, you can easily add a little to your food each day. This concludes the health benefits of papaya seeds.


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