low carb magazine
low carb magazine

The SIMPLE low carb magazine is a digital keto magazine! It is created for anyone with an interest in or are already on a keto diet, low carb diet, or a certain type of diabetic diet. You may thoroughly enjoy perusing a digital keto magazine with yummy fall keto recipes while easily shopping for some of your favorite sugar free fall goodies that are shared throughout the low carb magazine. Simply tap on the related picture or the SHOP button.

Downloading & Uploading

After downloading, you can keep viewing the magazine as a PDF. However, for a professional page turning magazine experience, iPhone users can save or upload this edition of SIMPLE to the iBooks App and Android users can install the NOOK by Barnes & Noble App to upload the magazine to this magazine reader. In this way, you can have a pleasant digital magazine viewing experience and you can easily return to the magazine to pick back up from wherever you left off.

The Kindle App is currently not an option for viewing the magazine with all of its features and functions. If the featured links and buttons do not function inside of a particular app you are using, the low carb magazine can be viewed with workable features in the PDF format. Just click the green button above to access the digital keto magazine.


This fall edition of the SIMPLE low carb magazine includes cozy keto fall soup recipes, comforting keto pumpkin crust pizza, keto casserole and more. Most of the recipes are the perfect size for single people, couples, or small families. If you are single, you may have a few manageable leftovers for a day or two. Small families will have just enough for one keto meal.

Health and Wellness

This fall edition of SIMPLE has a focus on respiratory health and simple ways you can boost the immune system. If the idea of being on a keto diet is new to you, you will find a brief introduction to the keto diet.

Edible Gardening

Things are changing all around the world. Research shows that gardening can be a productive and therapeutic outlet to cope with the stressful changes. In doing so, growing an edible garden can provide you and your family with garden fresh vegetables and herbs. This edition of SIMPLE introduces you to simple kitchen herbs that you can start grow this fall.

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