diabetic snacks for kids

Diabetic Snacks For Kids

Diabetic snacks for kids are really almost the same for us big kids on keto and low carb diets. So, if you are thinking, I am not a diabetic and/or I am not a kid – stick around. You may discover that you really like this list of diabetic snacks for kids. If you are on a low carb diet or keto diet, everything listed here is low carb and keto, so you are in good company.

If your child was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes we have a wealth of information for you. But, for now, let’s concentrate on the diabetic snacks for kids. Keep in mind that this is a list of diabetic snacks that can help keep your kids blood sugar levels within a normal range or prevent prediabetes from progressing. This is NOT a list of snacks for elevating a low blood sugar level. This is a list of snacks for a hungry kid that needs a healthy low carb snack in between a meal.

diabetic snacks for kids

1. Cheese Sticks

A cheese stick is one of the simplest diabetic snacks for kids. It is very satisfying and usually contains zero carbs. Plus, it pairs well with a lot of other convenient snacks.

2. Deli Meats

A thin slice of deli meat is another one of the easiest diabetic snacks for kids. Depending on your child’s calorie needs, it can be eaten along with a stick of cheese.

3. Boiled Egg

While a boiled egg is a little more inconvenient, it too can be one of the diabetic snacks for kids along with a cheese stick. A boiled egg will have much less sodium than a serving of most deli meats. So, the little extra effort is worth it when possible.

4. Tuna

Sometimes things are a give and take. So, when convenience is of the essence, a tuna pouch is another one of the super convenient diabetic snacks for kids. If your child happen to like avocados, it goes well with a small tuna pouch. However, canned meats are high in sodium. So, moderation is the name of the game.

5. Pickles

Pickles are extremely low carb, but again high in sodium. Therefore, this salty little treat is ideal for a hot summer day while sweating and losing electrolytes. You can get them in spill-proof package nowadays, so they are convenient on-the-go. Otherwise, the next option is a healthier alternative to eating pickles.

6. Cucumber & ACV

Another slightly less convenient but much healthier alternative to eating pickles is eating sliced cucumbers along with apple cider vinegar with mother. It is extremely low carb and essentially a zero sodium snack. If your kid likes pickles, they should be able to easily grow accustomed to this. Just allow a little time for the cucumbers to marinate in the vinegar. Your kid may not even miss eating pickles. Plus you can add black pepper, garlic powder, and/or onion powder to really take the flavor up a notch. If interested, you can learn about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

7. Unsalted or Lightly Salted Nuts

Unsalted nuts are probably one of the healthiest things many of us can eat. They are loaded with potassium, vitamins and other essential minerals. Nuts are also full of beneficial fats that protect cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, with regard to calories, a little can go a long way with these nutrient dense diabetic snacks for kids. Then too, some have more carbs than others. Cashews are likely the sweetest and highest in carbs while macadamia nuts and pine nuts are a couple of the lowest in carbs.

8. Low Carb Chips

Eating low carb chips are one of my favorite treats to eat because they totally taste like the real thing. So, this is one of my diabetic snacks for kids as well. I am pretty sure that most kids will appreciate eating some of these savory, crunchy little low carb snacks. I have tried several and heard wonderful reviews about others. My favorite thus far are the tortilla shaped Quest Protein Chips. I have not tried all of the flavors yet, but I know the nacho cheese and ranch flavored ones are really good. Another brand is the cheetos puff looking Pure Protein Puffs – also super good. And lastly, I am told that the little round shaped Twin Peaks Puffs balls are also very yummy.

9. Sugar-Free Peanut Butter

No sugar added peanut butter can be one of the healthiest diabetic snacks for kids (and adults). This nutrient rich inexpensive super-food is like taking a magnesium supplement along with a good multivitamin. If needed, you can mix it with a little sugar-free pancake syrup or Monk Fruit In The Raw to sweeten the taste to get them to eat it. You can learn more about the health benefits of peanuts and read the monk fruit reviews.

10. Sugar-Free, Low Carb Cereals

To me, some of the sugar-free low carb cereals are like a low sodium “sweet” version of the low carb chips. This is one of the diabetic snacks for kids that you can serve dry or with a small bowl of unsweetened milk.

11. Homemade Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

If you been following the blog for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of homemade sugar-free gummy bears for many reasons that I will not directly share here. However, you can read about the health benefits of gummy bears. We have fun delicious recipes for sugar-free skittles gummy bears, sugar-free starburst flavored gummies, sugar-free sour gummy bears, and even apple cider vinegar gummy bears (they’re good!).

12. Homemade Trail Mix

Kids may like our homemade diabetic trail mix. It is nutrient-rich, so remember that just a small handful can go a long way if you decide to incorporate this idea into your diabetic snacks for kids.

13. Low Carb Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a delicious and filling snack. Just be sure to check the label for the carb count because they are not all low carb. The brand I commonly find at local grocery stores contain about 9 grams of carbs. However, there are some Greek yogurt brands that are zero or nearly zero carbs.

14. Sugar-Free Protein Drinks

There are likely numerous sugar-free protein drinks available online. I enjoy the SlimFast protein drinks because they are high protein, low carb and comparatively low sodium. Make sure you purchase the zero sugar added ones, because some may be full of carbs. I have not tried this brand yet, but they are also high protein, low carb and low sodium. Depending on your child’s calorie needs, in whole or in part, this drink can be one of your diabetic snacks for kids to incorporate.

15. Sugar-Free Jello

Sugar-free jellos are gummy bears’ cousin. So this can be one of your healthy diabetic snacks for kids.They come in multiple pre-made gelatin flavors and are mostly travel friendly. Alternatively, you can make your own sugar-free jello.

16. No Sugar-Added Fruit Cup

Fruit naturally contains sugar. Some fruits contain much more natural sugar than others. So, a no sugar added fruit cup means that it has not been packaged with any additional sugars or syrups. The added sweetness is often from a sugar substitute. For examples, a 3.8 oz cup of no sugar added diced peaches contain 7 carbs with 6 grams of sugar. So, a single no sugar added fruit cup is one of the acceptable diabetic snacks for kids when you have worked it into their meal plan for the day.

17. Sugar-Free Cupcakes

And last, but not least, sugar-free cupcakes can be one of the rare diabetic snacks for kids. This brand of sugar-free keto cake mix and sugar free keto icing contains sugar substitutes that should not cause a significant rise is blood sugar levels. This is not the case with all sugar-free icings and sugar-free cake mixes that are now appearing. Many kinds of sugar substitutes will still elevate blood sugar levels and likely send everyone running to the nearest bathroom. At the time of this post, that is NOT the case with the sugar-free sweeteners used in this particular brand. Sugar-free cupcakes are one of the more decadent and fattening diabetic snacks for kids and adults on a diabetic diet, keto diet or low carb diet. Therefore, as with everything, moderation is still very important.


I hope you all enjoyed this list of diabetic snacks for kids. You may also be interested in our diabetic road trip snacks and diabetic breakfast ideas. They are all low carb and keto approved snack and breakfast ideas.

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