easy diabetic breakfast ideas

Easy Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

I am excited to share some easy diabetic breakfast ideas. Some of you may know that breakfast is my favorite low carb meal to discuss. When people first start a low carb diet, finding a good low carb breakfast is typically the most challenging. So, if you have prediabetes, type 2 diabetes or just on a low carb diet to lose weight, here are some really easy diabetic breakfast ideas for you.

1. Meat

Assuming the meat does not have any added sugars, precooked or prepackaged deli meats can be used to bring some easy diabetic breakfast ideas together. While this is not the healthiest choice, it is quite convenient when you are in a rush or a pinch of some sort.

Easy Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

2. Eggs

Eggs are another one of the most popular easy diabetic breakfast ideas. Without even asking, are eggs low carb, people on a low carb or keto diet somehow always discover this convenient inexpensive low carb breakfast idea. Then, confused about what else to eat on a low carb diet, some people will just keep eating eggs until they are completely burned out. So, hopefully this post will help you avoid getting anywhere near that point. With that said, you can access some of our easy breakfast egg recipes. And remember, eating boiled eggs for breakfast can add a little variety as well.

3. Cheese

Eating a stick of cheese for breakfast can be quite filling by itself. However, when eaten in combination with meat or eggs (boiled or scrambled) it is a good breakfast when you are on the go. Again, this is not the healthiest combination to eat on a daily basis, but it is one of the easy diabetic breakfast ideas that anyone can work with.

4. Greek Yogurt

Low carb Greek yogurt is another one of the convenient and easy diabetic breakfast ideas. You can just grab it out of the refrigerator and go – no microwave, pot, or pan to deal with. Unlike traditional yogurts, Greek yogurt is thicker and higher in protein. Keep in mind that not all Greek yogurts are low carb, low sugar – some can be very high in carbs and sugar. Therefore, check the nutrition label to find one that is low carb, low sugar.

5. Cereal

Diabetic cereal is another one of the easy diabetic breakfast ideas. There are now a few companies like Cereal School (School Yard Snacks) that sell diabetic cereal. You can eat it straight from the bag or add some unsweetened almond milk. You can read my cereal school review and learn more about the health benefits of almond milk. However, there are other diabetic cereals that we have listed in our online diabetic store for your convenience. In addition, we have a variety of diabetic cereal recipes that our members can make ahead of time for themselves!

6. Breakfast Bars

There are many diabetic breakfast bars available for purchase as well. Depending on where you live, you can sometimes find some of these at local grocery stores. But here are a few that can be purchased online. Breakfast bar recipes are another thing that we offer to our members to make and store in the refrigerator for one of your easy diabetic breakfast ideas. We have several recipes, so you can try them all to discover which ones you like best.

7. Oatmeal

You have likely discovered the traditional oatmeal and type 2 diabetes do not really go together unless you are having a low blood sugar or planning a really active day. So far, there is not a diabetic oatmeal that can completely mimic the taste of oats in oatmeal. However, if you have an adventurous palate there are some pretty great tasting warm cereal combinations that can satisfy your taste for oatmeal in the morning.

8. Biscuits

There are diabetic breakfast biscuit mixes that you can purchase online to satisfy your craving for a good breakfast biscuit. Again, these are the kinds of recipes we have in our member area for you to prepare ahead of time to store in the refrigerator.

Keto McGriddle

9. Pancakes

The diabetic pancakes we make taste better than traditional pancakes! So this is another one of the easy diabetic breakfast ideas with a lot of potential that you can make and store in the refrigerator. Quickly reheat one to enjoy eating with your favorite sugar-free pancake syrup or make a diabetic sausage, egg, and cheese mcgriddle. With that said, there are also diabetic pancake mixes that you can buy.

10. Kolaches

Diabetic kolaches are a fun little treat to eat on a diabetic diet. While you normally can not get these online, there is likely someone selling kolaches in a diabetic bakery somewhere. We have this ham and cheese kolache recipe and other delicious diabetic kolache recipes.

11. Bagels

Like the diabetic pancakes, many of the diabetic bagel combinations taste even better than an original flour-based bagel. If you are a bagels fan, you will not miss eating your bagels after eating one of our diabetic bagel recipes. Just make a small batch and store them in the refrigerator as one of your easy diabetic breakfast ideas.

keto lemon donuts

12. Donuts

The diabetic donuts are really good too. They are more like cake donuts, but still really good. Again, someone, somewhere is likely selling diabetic donuts in a bakery. But, if this is not an option in your area, we have several delicious diabetic donut recipes for you to make and eat. Some people cannot even tell that these are diabetic donuts! So they are a pretty good cake donut substitute.

13. Waffles

And last, but not least, do not forget about the diabetic waffles! You can get a variety of diabetic waffle mixes online. And again, we have diabetic waffles recipes in our members area as well that you can make from scratch.


If you enjoyed reading this post, you may also be interested in our post about diabetic road trip snacks and homemade trail mix for diabetic. That is all for now. I hope you found some good and easy diabetic breakfast ideas that will work for you!

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