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Low Carb Magazine | Spring 2021 Edition

For the past couple of years, many have enjoyed our occasional low carb magazine. Therefore, it is exciting to announce that the first spring edition of SIMPLE low carb magazine has been released. This 40 page edition will bring some springtime sunshine into your day and kitchen. It is filled with lots of fun keto low carb food facts, nuggets of low carb health education, and tips to help you stay on a healthy keto, low carb or diabetic diet. Being on a low carb and keto diet has gotten easier and easier in recent years.

This edition includes some simple, but fun and delicious springtime recipes. One is a delightful keto calzone recipe. But many of the recipe ingredients start with some keto low carb pantry staples with ingredients that overlap. It also contains some resources about the latest low carb/keto foods and drinks that are available to kickstart your spring. And, this edition also answers some of the most common questions people starting a low carb diet or keto diet may ask. And, lastly it addresses and provide resources for how to manage diabetes using a low carb or keto diet.


This bright and colorful edition can lighten your mood and brighten your day. You can find out how to get a digital copy of this first low carb magazine spring edition here.

What To Expect?

Since this is a digital low carb magazine, you can expect a lot of convenience. As you peruse the magazine, you will discover “learn more” buttons place throughout the magazine. So, when you see something you like, you can click on the button to learn more and if needed or wanted make a purchase. At times, some of the learn more buttons will direct you back to more detailed content on the website.

If possible, save the magazine to your iBooks for iPhones or download the Kindle App on your device to save it there. In this way, you will have a page turning experience and can easily return to the magazine after you have taken time to learn more about something.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this edition of SIMPLE Low Carb Magazine by purchasing your copy of the magazine here.

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