What Do You Need to Make Gummy Bears

What Do You Need to Make Gummy Bears?

So, what do you need to make gummy bears? When you started kicking sugar out of your diet, you probably thought that you had to give up any and everything chewy and fruity. Well, surprise! You can eat a variety of delicious and healthy homemade sugar free gummy bears! And they are so much fun to make! So, if you have kids, you may have gummy bears for days. And, as you may have already read about under the gummy bear health benefits, sugar free gummy bears are actually beneficial for you to eat. While the kids will love them, eating gummy bears are a little bit more “adult” than you may think?!

We have several homemade sugar free gummy bear recipes available for you to try. Therefore, this post will focus more on answering the general question that some people have – what do you need to make gummy bears?

1. Gummy Bear Molds & Droppers

You will definitely need a gummy bear mold and a dropper to make gummy bears. I prefer a medium-sized gummy bear mold versus a small gummy bear mold. The first mold I purchased was a tiny gummy bear mold, so I ended up ordering another larger gummy bear mold.  However, there are a lot of nice gummy candy molds that can be used besides a bear mold.  The dropper or squeezer is needed  to neatly fill  the gummy candy molds.homemade sugar free gummy bears

2. Gummy Bear Flavoring

The gummy bear flavor options are seemingly endless! With the right recipe, just about any flavor that you like can be made into a homemade sugar free gummy bear. I have used fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to make low carb grapefruit gummy bears as well as fresh watermelon juice to make low carb watermelon gummy bears. While they are both healthy gummy bears, they both contain some natural sugars. So, they will not be for everyone on a low carb diet.  Therefore, I prefer to use either a sugar-free jello flavor or a sugar-free drink mix flavor so people on a diet to reverse type 2 diabetes or the stricter keto low carb diet can enjoy them without any stress.

As you can see, the latter is my favorite way to make homemade sugar free gummy bears. You can make sugar-free starburst flavored gummy bears, sugar-free skittles flavored gummy bears, and sugar-free jolly rancher flavored gummy bears just to name a few. So, if you are on a keto diet or if you are reversing type 2 diabetes, you have a lot of really nice sugar-free flavor options!

3. Unflavored Gelatin

Unflavored gelatin is used to make the gummy bears chewy. Otherwise, your gummy bears will turn out to be watery or like a miniature piece of jello. There are basically two kinds of unflavored gelatins that can be used. One is a basic unflavored gelatin or you can use a collagen protein supplement. They both will get the job done well.

4. Miscellaneous Ingredients

Many of our homemade sugar free gummy bears recipes include added vitamins, minerals and other supplements. So, if you have a particular home remedy that works well for you, you may be able to incorporate this into your homemade sugar-free gummy bears recipe. For example, we have magnesium gummy bears, apple cider vinegar gummy bears, and of course a variety of vitamin c gummy bears.

5. Measuring Cup & H2O

You will also need to heat and add a little water to the mixture. So, you can easily use bottled water to make your homemade sugar free gummy bears healthier. A small glass measuring cup or coffee cup works really well if you are making a single batch.


You can peruse our online keto store to see a selection of homemade sugar-free gummy bear supplies and ingredients in one place. I hope this post helps you. This concludes – what do you need to make gummy bears.

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