Gummy Bear Health Benefits

Gummy Bear Health Benefits

You may be thinking that gummy bears are for kids until you discover some of the impressive homemade sugar free gummy bear health benefits. If you have been following the blog for a while, I have shared quite a few sugar-free keto gummy bear recipes with you. Most of the gummy bears are all about the flavor. While some are sugar free gummy bear supplements. So, I figured it was time to add an official – health benefits of gummy bears – page to our ongoing health benefits series. You may be surprised by some of these homemade sugar free gummy bear health benefits. And to be clear, homemade gummy bears are not the same as store bought sugar free gummy bears! So, let’s get started with the homemade sugar free gummy bear health benefits.

Gummy Bear Health Benefits

1. Curb Your Appetite

One of the first thing I noticed when I started eating homemade sugar free gummy bears is that they somehow curbed my appetite during the day. After eating a small batch, they made me want to snack less and made me feel full for a relatively long period of time. With that said, some of the gummy bear health benefits may be a combination of the collagen and other supplements you may add to enhance the gummy bear health benefits. For example, the homemade magnesium gummy bears may make you feel calm while the apple cider vinegar gummy bears may energize you.

2. Reduce Sugar & Fruit Cravings

The sugar free gummy bears are often made with vitamin c powder. So between the satiating collagen protein and the added vitamin C, these sugar free gummy bears reduced my sugar cravings. A stricter low carb diet often requires a person to eat a lot less fruit. Since fruit is were we get a lot of our vitamin C, it is good to supplement with vitamin C powder. In doing so, you get your daily dose of vitamin C and crave less fruit.

gummy bear health benefits

3. Tighten Loose Skin

Gummy bear health benefits include tightening loose skin. Collagen can be likened to the glue that holds our body together. Therefore, consuming sugar free gummy bears can help reduce some of your fine lines and wrinkles. And if you are losing a significant amount of weight, they can help reduce the saggy or loose skin that may appear.

4. Strengthen Hair, Nails, Skin, & Teeth

As mentioned, the collagen used to make gummy bears is a type of protein. Therefore, it is needed and used to keep our hair, skin, nails, and teeth strong. So, the gummy bear health benefits can really add up quickly for a person on a diet to lose weight. Some inexperienced dieters often start losing hair due to their not eating enough calories and/or protein. So, sugar free gummy bears are the first thing that I recommend for a new dieter. It is a good idea to incorporate them in their diet plan when they are trying to find their own way. Nevertheless, the health benefits of collagen alone will do the job as long as you get enough vitamin c in your diet as well.

5. Reduce Achy Joints

Besides making us look better, sugar free gummy bears can also help reduce stiff and achy joints. The ends of our bones meet up with other bones to form our joints. The ends of our bones are lined with a shock absorbent padding to keep our bones from hurting and rubbing against each other. This padding is a type of collagen. Therefore, over time, the padding can wear away if we do not consume enough of the right combination of foods like collagen and vitamin C for our joints to stay strong and healthy. So, if you are a little deficient in this area, a daily dose of sugar free gummy bears may help alleviate your stiff and achy joints.

6. Improve Gut Health

Many people suffer from gut health issues. Well, collagen can also help heal and seal a leaky gut or other intestinal damage caused by any number of chronic ailments. In this case, the health benefits of gummy bears can be taken a step further when probiotic supplements are added.

7. Miscellaneous

Besides all of these gummy bear health benefits, you can also add a variety of additional supplements to the mix to maximize their health benefits according to your needs. It has been mentioned that in addition to or instead of adding vitamin C, you can make magnesium gummy bears, apple cider vinegar gummy bears, or probiotic gummy bears.


So, what do you need to make gummy bears? You can read about the basics of how to make homemade sugar free gummy bears and peruse our online keto store for homemade sugar free gummy bears ingredients and supplies.  I hope you enjoy capturing some of the gummy bear health benefits listed here.

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