Diabetic Road Trip Snacks

Diabetic Road Trip Snacks

Diabetic road trip snacks are a must for diabetics, keto diet eaters, and low carbers. If any of you truly know me, you know that eating reasonably healthy and traveling are probably my two favorite hobbies. So, it is a pleasure to share some of my diabetic road trip snacks with those of you who might be looking for some ideas. While traveling is currently not really the ideal thing to do for one reason, travel may be essential for some people evacuating from natural disasters in the area.

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Diabetic Road Trip Snacks

Since you can travel with a cooler on a road trip, the diabetic road trip snacks include some things that need to stay cool. So, without any further ado, I will jump right in to my list of diabetic road trip snacks.

1. Boiled Eggs

Peeled boiled eggs are excellent diabetic road trip snacks! Eggs are a complete protein (equivalent to eating a piece of meat) and low in fat and sodium. Then too, they are pretty easy on the budget. Simply store them in a plastic container and place them on ice.

2. Pickles

Pickles are a delicious salty and crunchy snack. They are extremely low carb and low fat. Therefore, they too make good diabetic road trip snacks especially if you are sweating in the heat for some reason. Nowadays, you can buy pickles in a jar, a package, or a cup. So, many of them are travel-friendly. I really enjoy Oh Snap! brand when I travel because the bag does not leak and they are easy to open and eat with or without a fork. Either way, bring a fork so you can eat them without getting your hands dirty…or without your hands getting them dirty. You can read my Oh Snap! review.

3. Cheese Sticks

There are all kinds of cheese stick flavors on the market to help keep things interesting. Therefore, cheese can also make good diabetic road trip snacks. They are low carb and high fat, but a little higher in sodium than some snacks. Since they are high fat, cheese sticks can be very filling.

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is low carb and high fat, so it too can be very filling. And, this is one of the diabetic road trip snacks that can actually make you feel good! It is has a really high concentration of niacin and magnesium. So, this little treat will help keep your blood circulating well  on a long sedentary trip while helping everyone remain calm and enjoy the ride. You are welcome to learn more about the health benefits of magnesium.

5. Deli Meat

Most deli meats make good low carb and low fat diabetic road trip snacks. This little salty treat can fill the void of hunger without adding too many fat calories.

Diabetic Road Trip Snacks

6. Low Carb Chips

Low carb chips are another convenient diabetic snack for the road. At the time of this post, the cheese puffs are available in cheddar cheese and flaming hot! I have not had a chance to try these. But they are definitely on my list of diabetic-friendly, keto, low carb snacks to try. You can check out our online keto store for some of the latest diabetic-friendly chip options.

7. Cucumbers Slices

Cucumber slices  require a little extra work, but they are a really nice alternative to eating pickles. I enjoy cucumber slices with apple cider vinegar with mother (ACV) which makes this crunchy little snack very low sodium. The vinegar is sour and tart, so you will not even miss the salty taste. Therefore, sliced cucumbers can be just as refreshing as a nice crunchy pickle – without the salt.

8. Tuna

Tuna pouches are common diabetic road trip snacks as well. For a road trip, you can make your favorite tuna salad recipe and bring it right along with you in a cooler. Otherwise, just pack the tuna pouches in a bag with a fork and head out the door.

Diabetic Road Trip Snacks

9. Diabetic Cereal

Diabetic cereal is usually pretty hard to come by. However, this low carb, no sugar cereal will be an excellent addition to your collection of diabetic road trip snacks. With a variety of flavors to choose from, it is already prepackaged for some portion controlled snacking. You can also check the online keto store for some of the latest updates.

10. No-Sugar Added Fruit Cups

It would be unwise for a diabetic to go crazy eating a bunch of fruit cups because they do contain some natural sugar. However, a no sugar added fruit cup is allowed on a diabetic diet. If you are on a diabetic diet to reverse type 2 diabetes without medication, it is a good idea to see how much of an effect the fruit cup has on your blood sugar when you are active. Because when you are on a sedentary road trip, your blood sugar levels may be a little more elevated than usual. So, you may want to save the fruit for when you are having a slightly low blood sugar.

11. Unsalted Nuts

Nuts are a premium fuel, so I tend to keep some kind of nuts with me at all time. You may enjoy making and bringing this  homemade trail mix for diabetics on your next road trip. However, keep in mind that a little can go a long way when you are sitting all day. So, I would personally not make this one of my primary diabetic road trip snacks to eat along the way unless I was skipping meals.  Pine nuts and macadamia nuts have the least amount of carbs. Cashews are naturally a little fruity and sweet, so they are higher in carbs than most other seeds/nuts. If you are a passenger, you might enjoy the cashew story in the Winter 2018 edition of SIMPLE.

12. Low Carb, Low Sugar Greek Yogurt

Low Carb Greek yogurt is  one alternative to eating fruit cups. I personally stick with the Light & Fit brand with flavors having less than 9g carbs per cup. They too contain a small amount of sugar that may be from the fruit. Some Greek yogurts are very high carb! So, be sure to check the labels before you buy them. You may be able to find other brands with even fewer carbs.

13. Lily’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

Sugar-free chocolate is another feel good food in part because it is high in magnesium. So during these stressful times, different sugar-free chocolates can make pretty nice diabetic road trip snacks. I personally recommend Lily’s because I know that the sugar-free sweetener used does not irritate the tummy. However, there are now many sugar-free chocolate brands besides Lily’s. So, do your homework and decide wisely before your next road trip. You can learn more about Lily’s sweeteners and the impact of other sugar alcohols on your blood sugar and gastrointestinal system in the Winter 2019 edition of SIMPLE.

14. Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Sugar-free gummy bears are good fruit flavor substitutes and they are really easy to make! There are several recipes to choose from on the blog. Homemade gummy bears can be stored in the fridge or on ice for a few days. And, importantly, the homemade gummy bear recipes have never caused any kind of stomach problems for me. ***You can buy sugar-free gummy bears –however– I have heard multiple people say that they had urgent gastrointestinal problems after eating them. So, I have personally never tried the store bought sugar-free gummy bears. With that said, you will definitely want to check them out before you add them to your stash of diabetic road trip snacks.

15. Sliced Radishes

For years, I avoided radishes because I did not know what to do with them. However, I have discovered that you can do a lot with a radish on a diabetic diet. Radishes are very low carb and low fat. You can find them pre-sliced at some grocery stores. So, with a little ACV or sugar-free salad dressing, they can be another one of your crunchy diabetic road trip snacks.

16. Sugar-Free Protein Drink

Drinking sugar-free protein drinks can help you make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet without adding to many fat calories. And, they are convenient enough for you to take with you and drink while on the road trip. Just find a brand and a flavor that you like.

17. Sugar-Free Energy Drinks

And last, but not least, keep a few sugar-free energy drinks (check your local store for this) with you. They will come in handy if you get a little lost or are stuck on the road for longer than expected. I personally use a simple drink mix packet that I get from my local grocery store to throw in my purse and add to a bottle of water if/when needed.


I hope you have found some diabetic snack ideas for your next planned or unplanned road trip. If you have made it this far, you may also be interested in our diabetic meal planner. You can also check the list of 50 Low Carb Snacks to Buy for more diabetic road trip snacks to take along with you.

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