Grocery Delivery Companies

Grocery Delivery Companies

Many people are asking about online grocery companies and grocery delivery companies.  So, I decided to share my experience and knowledge about some online grocery companies (grocery delivery companies). Since the topics are essentially asking the same thing at this point, I will discuss both.

Grocery Delivery Companies

Walmart Pickup

I have been using Walmart Pick-Up Service for almost 2 years! And I honestly have no complaints. It is extremely convenient and has proved to be a huge time saver! You simply place the order online via Walmart Grocery. The order has always been ready and correct. And the pick-up store associates have been quite pleasant to deal with. When there is an item not in stock, they give you the option to allow substitutes. In my experience, the substitutes are often upgraded to a larger size and/or a higher quality brand. Never have I received a dinky downgraded substitute. Then, when you pick-up your grocery order, you can always receive a credit back to your account for any substituted items that you do not care for.

Pros: Completely Free, Convenient Pick-up (Car Delivery)

Cons: You must go to the store to the outside pick-up area and then unload the car once you get home.

Walmart Delivery

With that said, I have recently started using WalMart Delivery! So far, it has been an equally pleasant interaction. I am currently living in the middle of a large apartment complex on the third floor.  Fortunately, there are elevators, but I was still wasting a lot of time making multiple trips to/from the car after driving to the store to get the groceries. Then, if I forgot to order something, I would still have to make another trip to the store. Therefore, I decided to take Walmart Delivery for a spin.

I simply ordered groceries online via Walmart Grocery. Then, instead of choosing a “pick-up” time, I scheduled a “delivery” time. I scheduled my first Walmart delivery for an early Saturday morning.  Since the main office entrance would be closed at that time, I left a note with special instructions for the delivery driver to enter the building. The gentleman did just as I asked!

Instead of me making multiple trips to haul groceries inside, he hauled all my groceries to the third floor in one trip. Since it’s a monthly fee with unlimited delivery, if I need to order some things that I forgot, I can simply submit another Walmart Grocery Delivery order. Interestly, Walmart associates do not work for tips. Therefore, this is one of the grocery delivery companies that do not allow their delivery (or pick-up) associates to receive tips.

Pros: Front Door Delivery, Unlimited Delivery, No Tipping Allowed, Free 15-Day Trial

Cons: Small Flat-Rate Monthly or Annual Fee

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is another one of the grocery delivery companies that is only available in some areas. Amazon will deliver fresh groceries for free to people with a Amazon Fresh Membership. It differs from Amazon Prime Membership in that you can receive fresh produce and other perishable foods.

Pros: Free Shipping On All Orders, Unlimited Delivery

Cons: Small Flat-Rate Monthly or Annual Fee

 Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is another one of Amazon’s grocery delivery companies! This is available with your Prime Membership for an additional small monthly fee. They offer free delivery options for non-perishable foods. In addition, you get LOTS of added access to things like Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading.

Pros: Free Shipping On Amazon, 2-Day Delivery Options

Cons: No Fresh Food (Perishable) Items Delivered

Shipt Personal Shopper

Shipt is one of the relatively new grocery delivery companies. In fact, they are more like joining a personal shopper service. You can get fresh groceries and other things delivered within the same day from a list of participating stores in your area like HEB, Target, Petco, Office Depot, and CVS (to mention a few). You can learn more about all the Shipt Perks here.

Pros: Personal Shopper, Available in Most Areas

Cons: Monthly or Annual Fee, Small Upcharge Fees [1]


That is all for now. I hope this helps some of you decide which online grocery companies may be the best fit for you. For my current location, Walmart Delivery is the best option for me. However, if I were living in a major Metropolitan Area Amazon Prime Pantry Membership or Amazon Fresh would likely be my best pick. What has been your experience with some of the grocery delivery companies mentioned here?

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