Full Green Cauli Rice Review

Full Green Cauli Rice Review

This is my official full green cauli rice review! My full green cauli rice review will include the many aspects of convenience and taste. And, of course, the full green cauli rice is keto and low carb! See the chart below to see how the cauli rice compares.

Calories and Carbs…

Cauli Rice 35 Calories 6g Carbs
White Rice 260 Calories 57g Carbs
Brown Rice 250 Calories 51g Carbs
Quinoa 240 Calories 42g Carbs
Couscous 220 Calories 46g Carbs

When compared with rice and grain, cauli rice is in a low carb league of its own. So, without any further ado, let’s continue.


The full green cauli rice is a major time-saver because their is no chopping involved because it is already chopped and cooked. You can easily cook the keto dirty rice or stir fried cauli rice in a fraction of the time it would take to cook raw cauliflower. The fried rice recipe is in the Fall 2019 edition of SIMPLE. You can saute, microwave or top your salad with the cauli rice.


Many new keto and low carb dieters are concerned about eating keto while traveling and eating low carb while traveling. Since the full green cauli rice is shelf-stable, there is no refrigeration required! In addition, I found the cauliflower rice to be less pungent than fresh cooked cauliflower. Therefore, I would totally pack this with a spoon and salt for a quick low carb vegetable side dish on the go. So, bring this soft and light weight package with you when you travel to get your low carb vegetables for the day.

Disaster Preparedness

As most of you have likely noticed, at times weather-related emergencies occur unexpectedly and we may be left with just the clothes on our back and whatever is in our emergency evacuation bag. Since these packages are water-proof, easy-to-open, and do not need refrigeration, one bag of the cauli rice vegetables may end up in my essential low carb diet emergency evacuation bag. They have a really long shelf life, but you must store them in a cool, dry place.

Tastes Good

And last, but not least, the cauli rice pieces are evenly cut into the size of real rice, so no random chunkiness. Therefore, it contributes nicely to the overall authentic taste and texture of different keto low carb rice side dishes. As stated a few times already, I felt guilty eating the keto dirty rice because the taste and texture was so authentic!  So, if you are able, go try some of the cauliflower rice recipes out!


If you are wondering where to buy full green cauli rice, Amazon sells them. However, they are also available in some local stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Find and follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. If you have any questions or comments about the full green cauli rice review please leave them below.

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