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Keto Diet Motivation Story

Because it is a wet, cool, and stormy day in Southeast Texas, some of you may be looking for some keto diet motivation! When hurricane season comes, many people get trapped inside the house with a limited supply of non-perishable food.

Historically, for me, this has been a difficult time to keep my keto diet motivation. While everyone else is using this as an excuse to munch out on junk food galore, I found myself eating tuna from a pouch. However, today was different…

After a terrible rain storm, I found myself unexpectedly unable to get home last night because all the exits and streets to my home were flooded. I had to just keep driving on the highway since the service road exits were really flooded – like little rivers! Therefore, I was essentially stranded on the highway.

This morning, I woke up at a friends house a couple towns over from mine with just the purse and clothes I left home with. With no time to prepare, I was still able to wake up and eat a nice filling keto breakfast. – a delicious avocado with fresh ground Mediterranean sea salt. It had rained heavily all night and was suppose to continue raining heavily for a few more days. Therefore, when the sun came out and the rain slacked up a bit, I grabbed the rain boots I had stashed in my trunk and took advantage of the small window of opportunity to grab some keto snacks in preparation to hunker down for the rest of the storm. I hope this quick list gives you some keto diet motivation in the good times and the bad times.

The List

FYI – I am not strictly keto, but more so strictly no-sugar and low carb. Therefore, some people on a keto diet may not eat cashews. Macadamia nuts are the “Keto Nut” of choice as mentioned in our free SIMPLE Fall 2019 Fall Edition.

After returning, my kind and generous friend made Mexican-styled Scrambled Eggs with oven-fresh cooked bacon for lunch since she knew that I could eat this on a keto diet. Meanwhile, her husband drank a fruit and veggie protein powder shake. So, even on a quote unquote bad day, with the right food combinations you can maintain your keto diet motivation. You can find more keto diet motivation here. Are you an experienced keto diet eater? If so, how do you keep your keto diet motivation?

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