Eating Low Carb While Traveling

Eating Low Carb While Traveling

Eating low carb while traveling is much easier than eating keto while traveling. It is usually easier because a low carb diet is relative. While some may follow a stricter low carb diet than others, they are both on a low carb diet.

Years ago, when I first started a basic low carb diet, I only ate carbs when I was not at home. Therefore, my grocery list did not include any bread, pasta or rice. However, at the time, I ate low carb granola bars with regular sugar. When dining out, I allowed myself to eat some carbs for either the main dish or order a traditional dessert. Of course, this was not a daily thing. Usually just once or twice a week, and then I would be really strict with my carbs the next day. So, being in a state of ketosis is not necessarily the goal on a basic low carb diet.

For these reasons, eating low carb while traveling is usually a little easier than eating keto while traveling. Keep in mind that once you are on a keto diet you may feel really sick after eating more carbs than your body has become accustomed to eating. So, be sure to stick to your keto diet while traveling or you could ruin your trip.

1. Pack Your Snacks

Traveling is a lot of work, so it can leave you with a case of the munchies at inconvenient times. I once landed somewhere when my body felt like sleeping, but it was broad daylight when I arrived there. So, I ended up eating about 4 or 5 meals that day because of the time difference. On two different occasions I arrived on a night flight, so everything was closed already – inside and outside the airport. Therefore, when traveling a long distance, bring a decent amount of low carb travel snacks with you because they may end up being your dinner and breakfast.

2. Bring Something To Drink

In some places, a “diet” soda is a foreign concept to them. Therefore, sugar-free low carb drinks may not be available everywhere. For this reason, I typically load my bag with a combination of sugar-free drink mix packets. Since all coffee is not the same, you may want to bring energy drink mix packets as well. If you intend to stay somewhere for a period of time, you can even bring a small container of sugar-free powdered coffee creamer and/or a sugar substitute.

3. Eat At The Airport

If you are going on a long trip, save your packed low carb snacks for your departure and arrival. While at the airport, eat a nice low carb meal before boarding the plane. Even if you are not hungry, bring a light meal for the flight. If it’s a morning flight, you can grab a scrambled egg, sausage, and cheese from McDonald’s. I enjoy eating my fiber, so bringing a small fruit cup on the plane with you is not out of the question. It could be a while before you can eat a real meal again. For an afternoon or evening flight, you can usually get a meat and vegetable dish at one of the Asian food restaurants.

4. Once You Arrive

Assuming you are not eating low carb while traveling for work, when on a low carb diet, you can certainly enjoy some of the local foods. If you intend to eat some of the local high carb foods, eat them on different days for different meals. For example, Italy is known for their pasta, pizza, and gelato. If you are eating low carb while traveling, eat a keto style breakfast (meat & eggs), Italian Pizza for lunch, and an Authentic Low Carb Italian Salad for dinner.  The next day, eat a keto style breakfast, Authentic Italian Salad for lunch, and pasta for dinner. So, if you intend to eat high carb foods, eat them on different days.

5. Stay Near The Market

Eating low carb while traveling is very doable. When you stay near a grocery store, you can easily pick up some fresh low carb fruits, berries, and nuts. In addition, you can save a ton of money on your bottled water. Instead of paying a tourist price for bottled water, you can get a case of water for all your drink mix packets.


Once you know how to lose weight and keep it off, eating low carb while traveling is easy. Be sure to download our  SIMPLE Low Carb Magazines to your iPad for the road. Enjoy your trip and be sure to let us know how eating low carb while traveling worked out for you.

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