Keto Oatmeal Recipe (Low Carb Oatmeal Recipe)

Keto Oatmeal Recipe (Low Carb Oatmeal Recipe)

Indulge in a keto oatmeal recipe! Winter, spring, summer or fall – this keto oatmeal recipe book has got you covered. It takes eating oatmeal, especially a keto oatmeal to a whole new level!

Inside you will find a variety of flavorful  keto oatmeal recipe combinations. Each keto oatmeal recipe is unique, delicious and very satisfying! You can treat yourself to a keto oatmeal recipe like peach cobbler, pumpkin spice and many more non-traditional oatmeal recipes.

Keto Breakfast Cookbook

Some of our keto oatmeal recipes are covered in a quick and easy keto icing! These nutrient-rich bowls of keto oatmeal are like miniature bowls of warm dessert! They are so yummy!

Keto Oatmeal Recipe



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  1. Hi .. just started a mild, low carb meal plan .. I hate the word “Diet”. Slowly working on changing my eating habits … thanks for sharing this recipe book.

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    1. Lyn says:

      Absolutely! I hope your lifestyle change goes well! I hate to use the word diet as well, but it is what it is : ).


  2. Sarah says:

    The recipes are for a small single serving size, but it was delicious and filling. I had the peanut butter oatmeal and it was ready to eat in no time…super quick & easy to make.


    1. Lyn says:

      Thanks for commenting! They are small servings as you stated, but nutrient-rich…so a little goes a long way.


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