Low Carb Low Potassium Foods

Low Carb, Low Potassium Foods to Eat.

Finding low carb low potassium foods to eat can be a challenge. But first, why would you want to eat low carb low potassium foods? You can start grasping the answer by reading about potassium to better understand its role in the body.

Healthy kidneys contribute to keeping the right amount of potassium in the body. So, a person with healthy kidneys can eat low carb, high potassium foods. However, when a person develops kidney disease, potassium levels can increase to a dangerous level in the blood without the appropriate dietary adjustments.

Nevertheless, some potassium is still needed to keep the heartbeat regular and the muscles working properly.  Because of this, when a person’s kidneys are not healthy, a dietitian specializing in kidney disease may limit individuals to eating only low potassium foods.

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Since kidney disease is often a complication of high blood pressure and diabetes, eating low carb low potassium foods can be even more beneficial for people trying to reverse type 2 diabetes without medication. As with everything, self-control is needed to maintain a low carb low potassium diet. Just as a low carb food can become high carb without proper “portion control” the same is true when you eat too much of a low potassium food.

Disclaimer: Consult with your dietitian and/or kidney specialist before making any changes to your diet if you have kidney (renal) disease.

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The information contained on this page is not a substitute for your physician or dietitians recommendations. However, the fruit and vegetable list provided below are a modified low carb food list adapted from the low potassium foods provided by the National Kidney Foundation.

Apple Alfalfa Sprouts
Broccoli Asparagus
Blackberries Cabbage
Blueberries Cauliflower
Raspberries Celery
Strawberries Cucumber
Lettuce Eggplant
Peppers Onion
Parsley Zucchini

According to the National Kidney Foundation, most meats and fish are not considered high potassium food sources. We provide a list of low carb meats and low carb seafoods with our 30-Day Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Challenge for Beginners. We hope you enjoyed learning about low carb low potassium foods to eat.

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      • Hi Connie. Plain sugar contains no potassium. Fruits also contain natural sugars that can help to elevate a low blood sugar. Therefore, any of the low potassium fruits can help to increase a low blood sugar. However, fruit also contain fiber that can lower blood sugar, so they may not be as effective as you may need them to be. So, keep in mind that plain sugar contains no potassium. If you are feeling a significant low blood sugar coming on, that would be a very appropriate time to just eat a small amount of real sugar.

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