Healthy Low Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

Healthy Low Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

Preparing a healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss is a very important way to start the day on a low carb diet! Before getting educated about macronutrients, many people may think that grabbing a banana or eating a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast is a weight loss solution. This is because most people fail to realize (1) carbs are our body’s first source of energy, (2) there are a significant number of carbs in many of the foods we eat, and (3) our daily amount of carbs required is typically much less than we would like to indulge in.

Common Scenarios

Scenario #1: While a banana is a healthy fruit from nature, with regard to weight loss on a low carb diet, it is essentially a vitamin-enriched piece of candy. So, unless you are about to run a mini-marathon, adding a lot of high-sugar fruits to your diet can actually keep you “fluffier” than you would like to be especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. As a premium source of fuel, bananas are great for marathoners and people that live a very active lifestyle.

Scenario #2: Similarly, while a traditional bagel with fat-free cream cheese is generally low fat, it too contains a substantial amount of carbohydrates that can fuel you for hours beyond lunch if you sit at a desk or behind the wheel of a car all day. Therefore, although relatively healthy, it too can easily make a sedentary person gain weight.

So, what is a healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss? The short answer is – it depends. It depends on you and your current diet.

Simple Solutions

Solution #1: For example, a person that typically eats multiple traditional high carb donuts and high carb kolaches everyday for breakfast can  omit the donut and add a green apple for weight loss. For a while, this could pass as a healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss for this individual. However, with time, the person can start implementing some low carb substitutes to improve their health and achieve more weight loss!

Solution #2: On the other hand, you may be a fast food breakfast eater. You may typically order a breakfast biscuit, a hash brown, and a sugary coffee drink. Well, initially you could start drinking a black coffee and skip the hash brown to start the journey to a healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss. For a while, you will lose some weight if everything else remains the same.  Yet, again, with time, you can find more ways to substitute foods for their low carb breakfast version.

The point is that a healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss is relative to your current diet and level of activity. The more weight you want to lose, the more adjustments you can consistently make over a period of time. The wonderful thing is that their is a low carb substitute for just about everything you eat.

Delicious Substitutes!

Instead of eating a traditional donut, you can make these healthy almond flour keto chocolate donuts. Similarly, instead of eating a traditional high carb kolache, you can make a variety of delicious keto-friendly kolaches and breakfast biscuits. Another option is to make a low carb breakfast omelette recipe with a side of berries or veggies. And last, but not least, you can quickly and easily make on-the-go low carb breakfast bars.

These are all excellent options for healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss. Plus they are nutrient-rich and very satisfying! However, there is more to learn about losing weight and keeping it off. You can try our self-guided 30-Day Coaching Program (currently only $14.99) entitled: How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off! To learn even more about your diet, nutrition, macronutrients, vitamins, and weight loss please join one of the Low Carb Diet Life Coaching Programs.


You can find additional healthy low carb breakfast options here. This concludes healthy low carb breakfast for weight loss.

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