10 Low Carb Breakfast On-The-Go

This is the place to find a good low carb breakfast on the go! I have traveled on a low carb diet, had jobs that kept me on the road, and currently always on the go. So, I have several low carb breakfast on the go ideas.

To me, a good low carb breakfast on-the-go is anything that you can pack and eat while you are driving. Therefore, this list of on the go breakfast ideas will require only one hand to eat.

#1 Open-Faced Kolaches

Open-faced kolaches are my all-time favorite low carb breakfast on the go! They are delicious, convenient, versatile, and easy to make using our Keto-Friendly Breakfast Cookbook.

#2 Sausage Kolaches

The sausage kolaches are also very good! However, they take just a little extra time to make. Nevertheless, like the open-faced kolaches, you can make about half a dozen at once. Therefore, you are good to go for a few days with this keto breakfast cookbook recipe.

#3 Moringa Energy Bars

Moringa energy bars are made from Moringa Powder. Moringa is a green super food that comes packed with a wealth of health benefits! Therefore, it may be a good idea to get this energy bar recipe into your keto low carb breakfast on the go routine. You may also enjoy the Moringa Latte recipe.

#4 Keto Mushroom Omelette

This keto mushroom omelette is ready to go in under 2 minutes! This particular omelette does not have any toppings. Therefore, you can actually eat this low carb breakfast on the go with your hand.

#5 Mini Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

The mini bacon wrapped meatloaf is actually one of our low carb dinner recipes. However, I was in a rush out of the door the following day and discovered that it was also a really good low carb breakfast on the go. And, for the record, I did not even microwave it. So, if you warm it up beforehand, this should be another delicious way to start your morning.

#6 Meatballs

Low carb meatballs are another quick and easy low carb breakfast on the go. Of course, this is assuming you make them the night before to carry with you in the morning. Stuff a piece of cheese inside and you will have a really nice breakfast treat.

#6 Snack Style Breakfast

I sometimes enjoy snacks for breakfast. You have likely already try some of these already. Low carb nuts, boiled eggs, deviled eggs, pickles, olives, cheese sticks, and/or berries are good  low carb breakfast on-the-go suggestions.

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#7 Bulletproof Coffee

Bullet proof coffee drinks are a great way to start your day! This particular coffee drink has a really clean filtered taste (read my complete review). It is made with a liquid  MCT oil, therefore it does not solidify in cooler temperatures. However, I prefer to enjoy this low carb breakfast on the go in the warmer summer months. Drinking a chilled bulletproof coffee is much more refreshing than running out the door with a hot cup of coffee in the heat. In the cool winter months, the hot bulletproof coffee recipe may be more enjoyable.

#8 Low Carb Protein Shake

And last, but not least, low carb protein shakes make a really good low carb breakfast on-the-go. You can find them pre-made and ready to go. Or, you can buy the powder and mix them with water or an unsweetened nut milk.

#9 Miscellaneous

The following low carb breakfast on the go suggestions require a fork or spoon for you to eat.

  • Low Carb Greek Yogurt
  • Jimmy Dean Microwaveable Scrambled Eggs


These are all of my suggestions for now. Almond flour keto kolaches, moringa energy bars, microwave egg omelettes, bacon wrapped meatloaf, meatballs, Bulletproof coffee, snacks, and protein shakes. It provides you with a nice variety of things to eat for breakfast on a low carb diet.  You can find us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter. What is your current favorite low carb breakfast on the go?

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