How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

I learned how to lose weight and keep it off 15+ years ago! Even as a child, I was never as lean as I have been for over a decade. Therefore, for me, learning how to lose weight and keep it off was a real challenge. However, within a relatively short while, I discovered the secret to losing weight and keeping it off!

Lose Weight and Keep It Off! is a low carb diet book that introduces you one of the primary keys to successfully lose weight. This is a 30-day personal coaching guide to help you start losing weight and keep it off. Learning how to lose weight can be a real challenge for most people. Then, once you figure out a way to lose weight, it becomes another story trying to keep it off!

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off


What To Expect

  • No additional purchases required. No hidden fees.
  • The daily coaching sessions are super concise. There are only 2 – 3 sentences written for each day. So, you are NOT required to do a bunch of reading each day.
  • Nevertheless, this book is designed for you to learn as much or as little as you want to each day about the different subject areas. You are invited to learn more by clicking on the navigable links that are located throughout the book. And again, this is at NO additional cost to you.
  • You can also expect to get access to some of our membership program information.

What’s Included:

low carb meal ideas

  • 30 Meal Ideas
  • Grocery List
  • Food Guides
  • Drink Guides
  • Snack Guides
  • MCT Oil Recipes
  • Free Meal Planner

Low Carb Support Group

Click to Join Our Support Group

You can also join our free low carb diet support group. In this way, you do not have to feel alone on your journey. Take time to find out more about the low carb diet support group.


I hope you enjoy – How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off! I am look forward to meeting you in our online support group. You can definitely learn how to lose weight and keep it off!

5 Comments on “How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off!”

  1. It’s like having your own personal weight loss coach! All the information you need in one spot! It’s a real bargain and a time saver!

  2. This book is just what anyone new to a low carb diet life should use to get started! It is very informative. Tells you what foods to eat or avoid, but it does not overwhelm you with all the information at once. It introduces you to new weight loss ideas from day to day…while losing weight!

  3. A great read, a step by step to weight loss without all the lengthy jargon. I especially appreciated all the links throughout this book. The list of what to eat and what to avoid was extremely helpful when grocery shopping. I’m down 5lbs so far. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. How super to have written a book on this topic. There is so much information out there now – hard to keep it straight. It’s good you’re sharing your experience. I do a low carb eating lifestyle .. (hate to use the word diet). The carbs will really get you.

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