Homemade Chicken Broth

Homemade Chicken Broth

Once cooled and refrigerated, you will discover that homemade chicken broth becomes a gelatin. It becomes a gelatin because this is actually what gelatin is made of! Therefore, when you are on a keto, low carb, or any other diet, homemade chicken broth is an excellent way to boost your protein intake.

Homemade chicken broth has a much better taste than your average watered down store bought chicken broth. However, I have read where some complained about the taste of their homemade chicken broth recipes. This was puzzling to me because I have enjoyed the flavor of homemade chicken broth for many years. Therefore, I decided to share my recipe. Hopefully, you will find it to be as delicious as I find it to be.

It is primarily the bones that provide the gelatinous protein in meat. Therefore, a homemade chicken broth is made from the bones of chicken. So, be sure to select a cut of meat with the chicken bones in place.

Homemade chicken broth is a time investment. However, it provides an array of health benefits that we can all benefit from. When I make homemade chicken broth, I prefer to make the broth with a large tray of chicken legs. I simply add them to a large soup pot with different  seasoning, spices, and herbs. So, here is a typical list of ingredients used.

Homemade Chicken Broth

homemade chicken broth

Heat: Medium-High | Prep: 3-5 Hours | Servings: Vary


8-10 Uncooked Chicken Legs (Thawed)

5 Fresh Celery (Chopped)

1 Small Yellow Onions (Chopped)

1 Small Bell Pepper (Chopped)

1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic (From a Jar)

Sea Salt or Seasoning Salt to Taste

Cayenne Pepper (Optional)


  1. Fill a traditional large soup pot about half full of water.
  2. Add the chicken to the pot along with all the seasoning, spices, and herbs.
  3. Place the pot over high heat, gently stir, and then cover with a lid.
  4. Bring to the ingredients to a boil and then reduce to medium-high heat.
  5. Set a timer for about an hour. Then, stir and add more water if needed after about an hour.
  6. Repeat step 6 at least 2 -3 times before removing the chicken meat from the bone.
  7. Use a large slit spoon to scoop each chicken leg out of the pot. Use a fork to remove the chicken meat. Place the bones back into the pot to boil and cook for another hour.
  8. If completely cooked, place the chicken meat in a storage container. Otherwise, place the chicken meat in a skillet to finish cooking.
  9. After letting the bones boil or simmer for another hour, remove the bones from the broth and throw them out.

Tips & Suggestions:

You can immediately enjoy a bowl of fresh bone broth while it still warm. However, once the homemade chicken broth cools completely, low carb diet eaters should use a spoon to remove and discard the top layer of fat.

I enjoy making this chicken broth to use as a low carb roux substitute for this low carb gumbo recipe. When making a gumbo, I just add the chicken meat back to the pot to finish cooking with the bones. And then remove the bones before adding more ingredients.

If you only want the homemade chicken broth, you can freeze half or all of the cooked chicken for later use. However, you can use the extra chicken meat to make a low carb chicken salad, low carb chicken salad dip & crackers, or low carb broccoli chicken soup.


Homemade chicken broth is definitely a time investment. Therefore, many keto low carb diet eaters simply purchase collagen supplements to ensure they get an adequate protein intake. Please leave your comments and subscribe via email below. You are invited to like and follow us on  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. And as always, I hope you enjoy this homemade chicken broth recipe as much as I do.

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