Super Easy Diet Plan

Super Easy Diet Plan

The Super Easy Diet Plan is “The 30-Day ‘No Brainer’ Approach to Dieting!” The Super Easy Diet Plan is designed to motivate you to keep going from day to day. It is like having your own personal coach to point you in the right direction for less than $1 a day. For the next 30 days, simply read and implement the super easy diet plan program’s personal coaching instructions.

Super Easy Diet Plan

How To Get Started?

#1 Purchase the program.

#2 Read one page of instructions.

#3 Follow your personal coaching guide one day at a time.

Start Losing Weight Today!

The Super Easy Diet Plan is our Phase I Personal Coaching ($325 value) substitute guide. It is a step-by-step personal coaching guide to losing weight. With no guess work required, you can start losing weight without meal planning, calorie counting, or food tracking apps. 

Get Access To:

  • 30-Free Easy Low Carb Recipes
  • 7 Unique Low Carb Diet Food Guides
  • 50+ Low Carb Snack Ideas
  • 9 Different Low Carb Drink Guides
  • Multiple Low Carb Fat Burning Drink Recipes
  • Low Carb Grocery List (Printable)

Super Easy Diet Plan

$14.99 (Open in iBooks)

The Super Easy Diet Plan book is designed in this way to help transition and motivate you to keep losing weight and keep it off.

How It Works?

  1. Carefully read the preliminary one page of instructions.
  2. Then, read one new set of instructions each day.
  3. That’s it!

As already mentioned, the Super Easy Diet Plan will guide you through your next 30 days of eating. Each day you will have a simple adjustment to make to your eating habits. Therefore, each page will let you know how to start and or proceed with the Super Easy Diet Plan.

Some days may have a few more optional task to perform than others. However, you can get as much or as little out of the book as you need or want. They are all a “no brainer” way to losing weight and keeping it off.


One of the  goals of this book is to build your confidence in your ability to lose weight! So, once you have completed “The 30-Day ‘No Brainer’ Approach to Dieting” you will hopefully have the confidence to continue your weight loss journey! Our Phase II Group Coaching Program is designed to fine-tune your diet, eat healthy, and continue losing weight.

Thank you for reading and purchasing The Super Easy Diet Plan! You can get more of our blog post by subscribing via email below. You can find us on FacebookInstagramand  TwitterThe Low Carb Diet Life would appreciate your updates and feedback before, during, and after completing “The 30-Day ‘No Brainer’ Approach to Dieting”. You can keep everyone updated on your Super Easy Diet Plan progress by using the comment section below.

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