keto vs atkins

Keto vs Atkins Diet

When considering the Keto vs Atkins Diet, there are many similarities and differences that can be highlighted. Nevertheless, they are both very effective low carb diets.

With that said, the similarities between Atkins and Keto are highlighted first. And then it is followed by some comparative difference between Atkins and Keto.


Both the Atkins and Keto Diet will result in the body switching to burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates for energy. Therefore, the Keto Diet and the Atkins Diet are both ketogenic low carb diets that can result in rapid weight loss. Both diets can be implemented in a healthy manner that can improve your overall health or in an unhealthy manner that may subtract from your overall health.

keto vs atkins


Although similar, there is a significant difference between Atkins and Keto. Below we have highlighted a few of the main differences.

#1 Keto vs Atkins Diet Difference

A Keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet while the Atkins Diet is a low carb, high protein diet. A high fat diet should consist primarily of healthy fats found in coconut oils, olive oils, avocados, nuts, and salmon instead of unhealthy fats provided by most animal fats.  A high protein diet can consist of fresh healthy grass fed lean meats instead of canned, packaged, and processed meats.

#2 Keto vs Atkins Diet Difference

A Keto diet is designed to keep your body in a state of ketosis by eating a high fat diet. So, on a keto diet, you will continue burning fat for energy. On the other hand, the Atkins Diet is designed to gradually shift your body out of ketosis and back to burning an adequate amount of carbs for energy.

While in ketosis, the recommended foods are the same for the Keto and Atkins Diet. However, once you achieve your weight loss goal on the Atkins Diet, you will start slowly introducing a limited amount of whole grain breads, starchy vegetables and fruits back into your diet. Therefore, self-control becomes an even greater factor in actually keeping your weight off. Once you start eating small amounts of high carb foods, it is difficult to limit the amount that you eat once its back in your kitchen again.

#3 Keto vs Atkins Diet

Both can result in the same “keto flu” side effects as the body gets use to having less carbs. However, since the Atkins Diet is a high protein diet that require you to eat lots of low carb meats and low carb seafood, it can be more beneficial to maintaining the overall health of your muscle, hair, skin, and nails.

Since the Keto Diet is  a high fat diet, proteins must be kept “moderate” (low). Therefore, inexperienced dieters often encounter protein deficiencies, calorie deficiencies, or other kinds of deficiencies. After months of keto dieting, many inexperienced dieters experience noticeable hair loss often due to significant protein and/or calorie deficiencies. More experienced dieters implement a preventative measure by taking keto collagen supplements.


This concludes the main differences between Atkins and Keto. Now you can see and learn the difference between a keto and basic low carb diet. Please join our low carb weight loss support group. You can also like and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get our latest blog post or subscribe via email below. Instagram is were we typically post some of our behind the scenes pictures, activities, and information.

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