Low Carb Diet Guide

Low Carb Diet Guide

This is a low carb diet guide that will  help you get started dieting on your own. As stated in our weight loss coaching program, a good diet must adhere to three things. A good diet must be: (1) sustainable for life, (2) simple to follow, and (3) solve the excess weight problem.

A traditional low carb diet can accomplish all three of these things!

  • You can sustain a traditional low carb diet for life because it is ultimately just a balanced diet. Most people eat way more carbs than are needed. And as a result, fat is stored and weight is gained. So, a “low carb” diet is really just a diet that supplies the body with an appropriate level of carbs.
  • Once you learn the basics about carbs, a low carb diet is simple to follow. It simply becomes a matter of  eating “this” and not “that.”
  • And a low carb diet can definitely solve the excess weight problem because when eating the appropriate amount of carbs, the body will stop storing excess fat and use stored fat. Once excess fat storage has been removed, a low carb diet will supply your body with an adequate amount of energy.

Low Carb Diet Guide

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With that said, this low carb diet guide will help you do the following:

  1. Decide which low carb diet plan is right for you.
  2. Help you set and achieve your weight loss goal(s).
  3.  Determine your macronutrient calorie needs.
  4. Create a meal plan that will work for you.
  5. Help you recognize any special considerations.
  6. BONUS: Free 7-Day Meal Plan!


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