Keto Collagen Supplements

Keto Collagen Supplements

Keto collagen supplements can be beneficial to anyone! However, they are highly important for keto dieters. As you learned in our recent post – “What Is Collagen and What Does It Do?” – collagen can prevent stiff achy joints, saggy skin, and fragile hair, skin, and nails. And, yes, keto collagen supplements can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

However, collagen is not a vanity supplement! When taken orally, it benefits the body from the inside out. In fact, keto collagen supplements can help improve gut health better than some of the proteins we eat in our diet because they are easier to digest. However, collagen works along with Vitamin C! So, if you are supplementing your diet with collagen, it is important that you take enough Vitamin C each day.

Keto Low Carb Supplements

On a keto low carb diet, the body uses fat for energy. You can determine if your body is using fat for energy by testing for ketones using ketone test strips.

As the body operate in a state of ketosis, the fat increases the work load on the gallbladder and the liver. Keto collagen supplements are recommended in part because they contain an amino acid that can help keep the liver healthy.

Also, when losing a large amount of weight, keto collagen supplements can help improve the elasticity of your skin by providing the body with an easily absorbed protein. In this way, you can avoid brittle hair, nails, and minimize wrinkled, sagging skin. So, even people on a regular low carb diet can benefit from collagen supplements as well.

There are many different brands and kinds of keto collagen supplements available! However, this post will focus on some of the main  Vital Proteins keto collagen supplements.

Many keto collagen supplements are made to be more bioavailable and can therefore be easily absorbed and digested. In addition, many keto collagen supplements can be used effectively in both hot or room temperature drinks. Therefore, you can include some of these keto collagen supplements in your low carb coffee, bottled water, smoothie, and recipes!

Keto Collagen Supplements

1. Creamers

Keto collagen creamers are an easy way to supplement your diet with some extra readily available protein. This is a sugar-free, dairy-free flavored organic coconut milk powder. Therefore, it is a good source of MCT oil. Because of this, the keto collagen creamer enhances mental energy, improves absorption, and promotes weight loss.  The collagen creamers are currently available in vanilla, mocha, and coconut containers. However, there is also an on-the-go option available in mocha.

Keto Collagen Supplements

2. Peptides

Collagen peptides are naturally derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen protein. Collagen peptides are the same proteins that we find in our hair, skin, nails, bones, tendons, joints and cartilage.  In fact, it contains the same amino acids as naturally derived gelatin. The collagen peptides are available unflavored, dark chocolate & blackberry, and vanilla. The unflavored collagen peptides are the ones to use when making keto low carb gummy bears.

Keto Collagen Supplements

3.  Beauty Collagen

As you may have learned in another post, there are several kinds of different collagen in the body. Therefore, some keto collagen supplements can better improve your hair, nail, and skin health. This beauty collagen is provided to do just that. The beauty collagen  comes in a variety of unique flavor options including lavender lemon, strawberry lemon, and greens. An on-the-go version is available in the the lavender lemon and strawberry lemon.

The greens sound like the most exciting and beneficial blend since it includes coconut water, Madagascar vanilla beans, probiotics, hyaluronic acids, and organic raw greens!

Keto Collagen Supplements

4. Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is another keto collagen supplements option. This protein is derived from the bones of wild caught fish. Therefore, it is a collagen supplement option for vegetarians!You can get these keto collagen supplements in jars, pills, or on-the-go sticks.


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