Language Spoken In Israel

Language Spoken in Israel

The official language spoken in Israel is Hebrew and Arabic. However, Arabic schools are required to learn Hebrew as a second language. So, if you are planning a trip to Israel, you may want to learn a basic greeting in the Hebrew language.

Using the short video below, you can learn how to say:


“My name is_____.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you.”

With minimal research you will discover that Israel is a very ethnically and linguistically diverse country! According to one source, 75% of the people in Israel are originally from somewhere else. So, while the official language spoke in Israel is Hebrew and Arabic, there is quite a bit of language diversity.

The four most common languages spoken in Israel are:

  1. Hebrew – Hebrew is the language of Jews. Therefore, it is used in an official capacity for government, school, and law. Outside of Israel, the Hebrew language is not used in an official capacity.
  2. Arabic – About 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs. However, most Arabic speaking Israelis also speak the Hebrew language because Hebrew is  a required second language in Arabic schools.
  3. English – A required second (or third) language in Hebrew and Arabic schools. English is no longer an official language in Israel, however it is commonly used on road signs and packages.
  4. Russian – There is an estimate of 20% of Israelis that speak Russian fluently.

What is more, according to the Languages of the World – Ethnologue, there are 36 recorded languages and dialects reported in the State of Israel.  Therefore, with Israel being about the size of New Jersey, it is clearly a cultural fusion of both people and language.

Language Spoken In Israel

As of 2017, the State of Israel had a growing population of 8,300,000. Older data indicates that there is a deaf population broadly ranging form 4,500 – 306,000 people. With one survey performed by the government in 2011, it becomes apparent that Israel is home to a diverse group of people from around the world. Nevertheless, the survey proves beyond doubt that there is a variety of language spoken in Israel.

Native Languages in 2011













Romanian, German, Amharic, & Other



In the following 3-minute video you can learn basic manners in Hebrew.

“Thank you”

“You are welcome”


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