best airport to fly into Israel

Best Airport to Fly Into Israel

When taking an International flight, the best airport to fly into Israel is Tel Aviv- Ben Gurion. However,  you can book your flight to Israel using a different Israel airport. Since the entire country of Israel is about the size of New Jersey, you can easily drive from one end of the country to the other end in about two hours. So, if you are use to commuting to and from work in a large city, any added driving may not be a huge factor.

Israel airport

There are currently  2 Major International Israel Airports and 3 Minor International Israel Airports.

Tel Aviv- Ben Gurion (TLV)

Counted among the five best airports in the Middle East, the Tel Aviv- Ben Gurion (Natbag) is the most popular Israel airport. Being the only major international airport that serves Tel Aviv, it is a really busy airport. The airport is located in Lod which is about 28 miles from northwest side of Jerusalem and 12 miles from the southeast side of Tel Aviv. Among other things, it is also centrally located making it the best airport to fly into Israel.

Eilat-Ramon (ETM)

The Eilat-Ramon Airport (Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport) is currently under construction. It is located in southern Israel near Jordan in the Timna Valley. The Eilat-Ramon airport is a major international airport that is being built to replace the Eilat Airport (J. Hozman Airport).

Eilat-J Hozman (ETH)

The Eilat J Hozman Airport is locate in the city of Eilat near route 90 (The Arava Road). This airport primarily handles domestic flights to and from Tel Aviv and Haifa. However, they do have a few international flights for airplanes that are small enough to use their relatively short runway. This airport will stop operating when the new Eilat-Ramon International Airport is completed in 2019.

best airport to fly into Israel


The Uvda Airport is the second International Israel airport. This location serves as both a military air base and civilian airport. It is located about 30 miles north of Eilat. It is capable of receiving  air planes that are too large to land at Eilat-J Hozman Airport.

Haifa-U. Michaeli (HFA)

The Haifa Israel Airport is another small international airport locate in the northern area of Israel in Haifa, Israel. Near the Israeli Shipyards, it is sometimes used by military personnel  and local civilians. Since it too has a short runway, most of their flights are domestic flight to other Israel Airports.


If you are still Planning a Trip to Israel, you may also be interested in What to Eat In Israel? and Best Time to Go to Israel. Otherwise, Tel Aviv- Ben Gurion is the best airport to fly into Israel. It is centrally locate nearly in the center of Israel. Plus, it has a long enough runway to accommodate large, international aircraft carriers. Therefore, when booking a flight to Israel, use the “TLV” airport code for the Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion Israel Airport because it is the best airport to fly into Israel.

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