Jicama Health Benefits

5 Jicama Health Benefits to Improve Your Diet

Jicama health benefits include being low carb, high fiber, vegan, paleo, keto-friendly and an immune-boosting prebiotic. So, if you are on a low carb diet to improve your gut health, jicama would be a good low carb prebiotic vegetable fiber to eat with your probiotic supplements.

One of the challenges of being on a strict low carb diet (keto) is finding ways to incorporate enough fiber in your diet. Therefore, recipes like this baked jicama fries recipe makes a strict low carb diet life easier. However, some of the recipes may not be for everyone, since jicama has more of a low carb fruit taste.

jicama health benefits

1 cup of Jicama (about 130g)  = 11 g carbs

Jicama is a low carb root vegetable that is also called a yambean. It grows in warm tropical clients like Mexico and Central America. Only the inside of this root vegetable is edible. The skin is considered to be toxic and must not be eaten.

One of jicama health benefits is that it is made up of almost 90 percent water! In addition, it has a low glycemic index that accommodates a diabetic diet, low carb diet, and ketogenic diet. So, what are some of the jicama health benefits highlights.

1. Prebiotic Fiber

Fiber serves a very important role in the body. One role includes feeding the good bacteria in our guts. Therefore, when eaten in moderation, one of the jicama health benefits include restoring intestinal balance to those who deal with candida and its effects – leaky gut syndrome.

2. Aids Weight Loss

Being low carb, high fiber, and mostly water, jicama can definitely aid weight loss. Your body will have more fiber and water to make you feel full longer.  Plus the additional fiber and water can help prevent constipation.

3. Boost Immunity

Being high it the antioxidant vitamin C, one of jicama health benefits include it being able to fight off germs that we may encounter including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This is in addition to the fiber helping to strengthen the body’s primary immune defense – the gut.

4. Helps Improve Digestion

Fiber helps reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and improves the elimination of digested foods. In addition, it provides the good bacteria with food inside the gut for it to flourish while fighting bad bacteria in the gut.

  • One cup of cooked jicama provides: 1.50g Insoluble Fiber, 1.10g Soluble Fiber
  • One cup of raw jicama provides: 3.10g Insoluble Fiber, 3.30g Soluble Fiber

5. Improves Bone Health

Jicama supplies important nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and manganese. However, it also contains a fiber called inulin that helps the body retain and absorb minerals. In this way, jicama is a low carb vegetable that can help keep the bones strong.


If you are a fan of sweet potato fries or sweet pototo chips, you may really enjoy experimenting with recipes to capture some of the jicama health benefits. Have you already included jicama in your low carb or keto diet? If so, what are some of the jicama health benefits you enjoy most.

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