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Moringa Products – A Little Taste of India!

With an abundance of Moringa health benefits comes an abundance of Moringa Products! Moringa is an organic antioxidant vegetable powder with protein and fiber. 

You can get this nutrient-rich, leafy green super food in a (1) moringa vegetable powder, (2) moringa tea, (3) moringa greens/protein, (4) moringa shot, (5) moringa bar, and (6) moringa capsule.

As a low carb plant-based complete protein,  moringa products make an ideal supplement for anyone, but especially those on a  keto or low carb diet.  Therefore, this page will simply provide you with a list of most of the Kuli Kuli low carb and keto-friendly moringa products.

1.Moringa Vegetable Powder

Moringa powder is a complete plant protein. Therefore, it is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and low carb. This leafy green blends well in  low carb smoothies, low carb hot chocolate, and it makes a delicious Low Carb Moringa Latte. However, these also make excellent Keto-friendly Moringa Energy Bars – they are so tasty and simple!

Moringa Packets (0.4 oz.)

Moringa Pouch (7.4 oz.)

2. Moringa Tea

Moringa tea is a low carb, caffeine free tea. Being rich in the antioxidant vitamin C, it is still an energizing tea. Therefore, you can indulge in moringa tea throughout the day without getting jitters from drinking too much caffeine.

Moringa Tea w/Lemongrass Moringa Tea w/Peppermint

3. Moringa Greens + Protein Powder

Moringa greens and protein powder is ideal for making a meal replacement. Get two servings of vegetables with this high protein, low carb or lazy keto smoothie powder mix.

Vanilla (10 carbs)

Dark Chocolate (14 carbs)

Natural Greens (8 carbs)

4. Moringa Shot

A moringa shot is a leafy green way to get a healthy boost of energy. These shots are the equivalent to half a cup of moringa with vitamins and iron. Contains 6 carbs per shot.

Coconut Lime

Ginger Lemon


5. Moringa Keto Bars

Moringa Keto Bars are a great low carb and keto friendly way to get your greens without the extra carbs. They contain 4 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar.

6. Moringa Capsules

Moringa capsules are an excellent low carb travel option for getting some of your vegetables and proteins! Or, moringa capsules can be another good way to include your daily dose of moringa on-the-go!

coconut wraps

7. Moringa Coconut Wraps

These organic moringa coconut wraps are a good way to dose up on some superfoods. Here you not only capture some of the health benefits of eating coconut oil, but also benefit from the moringa products. You can read my Nuco Coconut Wraps review.


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