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Low Carb Packaged Snacks: 4 Simple Ways to Pick Travel-Friendly Snacks

When making a long journey, it is a good idea to carry low carb packaged snacks. However, you must make sure that your snacks are travel-friendly in order for you to carry them on the plane with you. So, I will briefly share some ways in which you can choose travel-friendly carry-on snacks.

When traveling, I arrange for my accommodations to be within walking distance to food, water, shopping, and other essentials. In this way, upon arrival I can easily purchase low carb foods that are common to the area. In addition, it gives me the opportunity to immediately explore the culture and discover some exotic foods.

However, when traveling and moving around, I keep a variety of low carb packaged snacks with me. Since traveling through different airports and different customs, each may have slightly different regulations regarding what you can and cannot carry-on the plane with you. Therefore, packing your low carb packaged snacks will not be like packing your lunch for work. Some low carb packaged snacks are simply not allowed through airport security. And then, even if you make it through airport security with your food  when departing, you may not be allowed to enter another country with food.

So, here are a some things to keep in mind.

  1. Nothing Liquid. According to the 2018 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Guidelines, you can pack liquids in your carry-on bag up to 3.4 ounces or less. However, the container must fit in a single, clear, quart-sized zip lock bag. Only one bag per person is allowed. Therefore, bottled waters are a big no-no. And things like sugar-free fruit cups or sugar-free jello would be a gamble with regard to keeping your low carb packaged snacks beyond security. And even if you are allowed to bring a sugar-free fruit cup, the liquid would likely limit you to only carrying one during air travel.
  2. Not Too Soft. Some low carb packaged foods may be soft and easily ruined in a carry-on bag. However, this may also be true if you bake some of your favorite low carb snacks before departing for a trip. While, soft foods are not prohibited, they can be difficult to keep in one piece. So, if you bring small low carb muffins or bread from home, put them in a small, flat semi-rigid container. Use a container that you will not mind throwing away if asked or needed to lighten your load.
  3. Not Too Big. Most airlines allow you to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item (a purse). Your one carry-on “bag” must fit in the overhead compartment. And your one personal item must fit underneath the seat in front of you when the plane is taking off and landing. Therefore, your low carb packaged snacks must fit inside one of the two carry-on bags mentioned. Otherwise, if being on a low carb diet is not crucial to your diet or health, just place them in your checked bag(s). And just be aware of the fact that your bag may or may not arrive in a timely manner.
  4. Not To Heavy. Since your low carb packaged snacks are going in your carry-on or being checked in, weight is a factor. A carry-on bag should be light enough for you to safely lift it up above your head and place in a overhead compartment without hurting yourself or anyone else. And a checked bag will typically have a weight limit. And the weight limit can vary drastically from one airline to the next. I will spare you the entire story, but I will say that I left Texas with a whole lot more bags and stuff than I ended up returning to Texas with. I left an entire suitcase in Malaysia after dumping and throwing away stuff multiple times at different airports just to get the bag at the right weight limit for checked-in.


You can read more low carb traveler tips and get specific low carb packaged snacks. As mentioned earlier, sometimes your flight changes will have you traveling for days! So, if you will be traveling for a long period of time before reaching your destination, bring a variety of low carb packaged snacks with you. In this way, you will not get tired of eating the same snacks and give in to junk foods on the airplane or at the airport.

Research before you go! To me, this is essential to traveling on a low carb diet. Because once you land, you should have a general idea of what low carb foods will be available in the region. But, generally speaking, doing a little research before traveling is just a wise thing to do.

So, this concludes my recommendations for packing low carb travel snacks. What are some of your favorite low carb packaged snacks to eat?

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  1. Great tips. I’m running a blog with all things food for a delivery company in Oregon. I hope you don’t mind but I’d love to share your food tips with people.

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