Keto Carrot Cake Muffins

Keto Carrot Cake Muffins

These are tasty and simple keto carrot cake muffins. These healthy carrot cake muffins are made with almond flour, baking powder, carrots, butter, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt,  egg, and sugar-free pumpkin creamer. Therefore, you should try it now while the pumpkin creamer is still available. Otherwise, stick around for another version of this great low carb carrot cake recipe.

Almond flour is a low carb bread or flour substitute. It is just as healthy as eating a handful of almonds. A teaspoon of baking powder is added to give this low carb carrot cake recipe a bread texture.

Other non low carb carrot cake recipes use up to 2 cups of carrots! Since carrots are a relatively sweet vegetable, I only added half a cup of store bought shredded carrots. Then, I chopped the carrots a bit more to get bite-sized pieces of carrot. If you shred your own carrots, this probably will not be an issue.

Often, raisins are added to carrot cake recipes. However, raisins are super sweet! Therefore, I simply omitted the raisins.

A combination of oil and butter were used. I used salted butter to add depth and flavor. Then, I used coconut oil to contribute to the flavor, but also to increase the “healthy carrot cake” aspect.

Then, I added three additional flavors to this low carb carrot cake. First, I added some vanilla extract. Next, I added some cinnamon. And lastly, I added sugar-free pumpkin spice creamer. That’s a semi- unexpected twist, right?

I am extremely sensitive to the taste and side effects of many sugar substitutes. Therefore, I find creative ways to make my low carb desserts taste good without having side effects. So, to me, this is an extremely tasty recipe!

Most carrot cakes are made with walnuts or pecans to give it a nutty flavor. So, you can imagine how this low carb carrot cake recipe provide a naturally sweet and nutty flavor.

So, here is the health carrot cake muffin, low carb carrot cake recipe.

Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins

Oven: 325 | Bake: 30 min | Serves: 8-12


Supplies: Silicone Mold (The one shown below is a jumbo sized muffin mold.

healthy carrot cake muffins


  1. Preheat oven to 325.
  2. Add almond flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt to a bowl – mix well.
  3. Blend the egg, salted butter, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and sugar-free pumpkin creamer together well.
  4. Pour into a silicone mold and place in preheated oven. This silicone mini-cake mold provides better portion control instead of using the jumbo muffin mold that I used.


This is really healthy carrot cake that is a low carb carrot cake recipe. While these healthy carrot cake muffins are good enough to eat alone, it can get even better. You may like them even more with this super-easy low carb cream cheese frosting.

Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins Low Carb Carrot Cake recipe

That’s all for now. But, I hope you enjoy this keto carrot cake muffin.

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  1. Love this! Mind if I share it on my blog?

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    1. Lyn says:

      Hello – Thank you! I appreciate you re-sharing this recipe on your blog.


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