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Enjoy Low Carb Extreme Dark Chocolate Chocolove Bar! (Chocolove Review)

This Chocolove review is of the low carb extreme dark chocolate 88% cocoa bar. As an extreme dark chocolate, carbohydrates are reduced because there is no inherently  added sugar that comes with milk chocolate. You already know that chocolate comes from the seed of a cacao fruit. Because of this, chocolate is low carb! In addition, there are some really nice health benefits of chocolate.


I will start this Chocolove review with the nutrition information. This large 3.2 ounce bar of chocolate is labeled for 3 servings. However, I adjust the serving size of this tasty dark chocolate bar to 6. Eating 1/6 of the bar is an entire row of chocolate. For me, this satisfies my taste for a low carb chocolate bar.

For 1/6 of the bar, you will eat a total of 90 calories and 8 grams of fat. There are only 5 grams of carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of protein. In addition, the extreme dark chocolate 88% cocoa bar makes a wonderful low carb, low sodium snack. Remember, the low carb aspect is based on self-control! : ) Therefore, if you have diabetes or candida you should endeavor to eat only 1/6 of the Chocolove bar or less for a low carb treat to yourself.

chocolove review

Dark Chocolate (88% Cocoa)

As stated, this low carb chocolate bar has an 88% cocoa content. It is a Belgian chocolate made from a blend of both Caribbean and African cocoa beans and butter. The next part of the Chocolove review will address the smell, flavor, taste and package of this low carb dark chocolate bar.

The Smell

The bar is semi-firm with a deep rich chocolate smell. It has just enough sweetener to smell sweet. However, the vanilla contributes to the wonderful smell of this low carb dark chocolate as well.

The Flavor

Dark chocolate is like a chocolate flavored coffee bean. So, to me, eating this low carb chocolate bar is like having a sweet and creamy little expresso.

Chocolove Review (Extreme Dark 88%)

The Taste

Even though this low carb extreme dark chocolate bar is without any visible extras, it has a pleasantly creamy, non-bitter taste. After checking the label, I discovered that a delicious cocoa butter has been added. I enjoyed this low carb chocolate bar over the course of a week like my second (or third) cup of coffee.

Chocolove Review

The Package

This package is a nice semi-masculine looking gray color. It too is stamped with “xoxo” and a cacao fruit postage stamp for “88%”. Then for the final touch, it has a textured gold “rubber stamp” on the front.

This conclude my Chocolove review of the extreme dark chocolate 88% Low Carb Chocolove bar.

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