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Low Carb Bodybuilding| Build Muscle Without Going to the Gym

I am excited to share my low carb bodybuilding experience with you. But first, I must confess that I am not really a low carb bodybuilder. While other bodybuilders have mistaken me for being a bodybuilder, I am simply an active low carber.

Because of this, my muscles tone comes from actual work, not lifting weights at the gym! In fact, I have never really enjoyed going to the gym. When possible, I head outdoors to the park or find a nice nature trail to hike for some cardio exercise. So, you can imagine my surprise when I had not really done any physical labor for years when this bodybuilder invited me to attend a local bodybuilding show.

Over ten years ago, I worked as portable x-ray technician. This job required that I leverage and lift a 110 pound x-ray machine in and out of a company vehicle multiple times a day. Before that, I worked in a trauma emergency room department. At this job, I often had to lift and pull on patients that had been strapped to a stabilizing board after an accident. Then, I became a radiation therapist which also requires some heavy lifting and physical activity throughout the day.

At first, being really toned made me feel awkward and out of place. As the years have gone by, I do not even notice or think about being a toned person until someone makes a comment.

Recently, I took a really physical job with a lot of lifting and pulling. And even now (many years later), my original muscle tone returned with some additional features. This time, I noticed that my arms have gotten even bigger and my neck muscles were starting to get some unwanted definition. So, I had to resign.

Some people are amazed by this, when all I have done is endeavor to eat a healthy low carb diet and happen to get physically active jobs. So, I have not intentionally been low carb “bodybuilding” over the years. It is just kind of how things have turned out for me. I got toned from everyday activities. And I must admit, the extra strength has definitely come in handy over the years (i.e. moving and traveling). Nevertheless, eating a low carb, high protein diet is the best low carb bodybuilding diet plan.

When I am lifting and pulling things for work, a low carb high protein diet is adequate. However, if I am lifting, pulling, and getting some cardio throughout my workday, a low carb, high protein diet with some healthy fats become more important. Otherwise, I may tire out too quickly. And then too, within a short period of time, become thinner than I would like to be.

How Muscle Is Built

Again, I have not really been low carb bodybuilding. Nevertheless, I have taken anatomy and physiology many times including a third time recently in pre-medical school. Therefore, it is quite interesting to recognize and important to note that macronutrients will do what they are designed to do.

Here you were introduced to the fact that protein is one of the macronutrients responsible for healing and repairing body tissue. Well, muscle is built in this way.

This is how low carb bodybuilding can result in building large muscles.

Body builders eat high protein diets and constantly force the body to repair itself with bigger and bigger muscles. When we use our muscles more than we have used them before, we actually tear, break, or damage the muscle cells. This is why we have aches and pains when use muscles that we have not used recently or after a physically strenuous day.

At times, building new muscles can be quite painful. This seems to be especially true when we are building larger muscles like those in the legs and thighs. I have seen co-workers contemplating whether or not they want tie their shoe lace or keep walking around with their shoe lace untied after a “leg day” at the gym. Why? Because they know how much pain they will be in trying to bend over to tie their shoes (insert a laugh). There have been many times that I have heard and seen people at work struggling after “leg day” at the gym  – both professional bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders.

So, let’s continue with how muscle is built.

Well, being wonderfully designed, once we break down muscle cells, our body does not simply repair the torn muscle cells. Instead, during muscle repair, our body equips us to handle the next workload even better! When “damaged” muscle cells are repaired, they are repaired with a visibly larger muscle cell. In this way, our muscle cells can continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

While I have never endeavored to do this, it has been my experience to gain muscle easily on a low carb high protein diet. As the layers of fat are reduced, natural muscle tone can easily appear or “pop” as some might say.  I have heard a large gentlemen comically remark, “I have a six back underneath, its just hidden.” While he was being comical, it really is a true statement. We all have a six-pack of muscles underneath our protective layers of fat.


Now you can understand how to get muscles without going to the gym. With a low carb diet and a little work, our muscles can become more defined from normal everyday activities. If you want to start low carb bodybuilding diet, the high protein, low carb diet plan will work best for you.

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