Chocolove Review

Chocolove Review (Currant & Almonds)

I am writing a Chocolove review of the Chocolove Currant & Almonds low carb chocolate bar. So far, this is the best tasting low carb chocolate bar that I have tried. Plus, it is somehow lower in carbs than the first Strong Dark Chocolate Chocolove bar review.


One serving of the Chocolove Currant & Almonds 3.2 oz. bar of chocolate equals 11g fat, 13g carbs, 0mg sodium, 0mg cholesterol, and 3g protein for a total of 150 calories. However, this is a really large piece of chocolate! So, depending on where you are in your weight loss journey, you could use one of these bars for 6 low carb chocolate bar snacks (75 calories, 6.5g carbs, 5.5g fats, 1.5g proteins).

Dark Chocolate (73%Cocoa)

The Chocolove Currant & Almonds is a dark chocolate, but the flavor of the chocolate has fruity notes. Because of this, the chocolate is not bitter tasting like most low carb dark chocolate bars. Yet, we still get the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

The Smell

Even the smell has a hint of fruity, semi-sweet notes. This is an exciting discovery because the smell of most low carb dark chocolates resemble the smell of black coffee. So, this is a must-try low carb chocolate bar for both the new and old low carb dieters.

The Flavor

It is a low carb dark chocolate bar, however, the flavor is surprisingly more sweet than bitter. Therefore, if you are or were a milk chocolate fan, you will probably really enjoy the taste of the Chocolove Currant & Almonds chocolate bar.

The Taste

The taste is that of semi-sweet chocolate with mild fruity notes. At first, the chocolate has a slightly bitter tastes. However, the more you chew, the stronger the sweet and fruity notes appear making the Chocolove Currant & Almonds chocolate bar resemble a milk chocolate candy bar more closely.

The Package

It seems that the taste starts with the eye. Therefore, I will end this Chocolove review with a description of the package. Again, this low carb Chocolove Chocolate Bar caught my eye because I enjoy travel-related things! Even if it is just a stamped envelope or letter. The package is an adventurous light purple color with a “Belgian chocolate” ink-stamp. Then, there is a “73% Postage Stamp” with a cluster of currants. It is graphically illustrated with a little pile of almonds and currants. And the final touch is a gold stamp that resembles the stamping of a letter being sealed in more ancient times.


I hope you enjoyed this Chocolove review. Other low carb chocolate bars of similar size have cost five or more U.S. dollars. So, I was surprised to find this particular bar of chocolate at a local health food store for only a few bucks. If you cannot find them locally, you can get them online. At the time of this writing, the 12 pack (3.2 oz. bars) are a better deal than the 2 pack (3.2 oz. bars) that are available online. This ends the low carb Currant & Almonds Chocolove Review.

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