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Low Carb, Low Sodium Snacks

With cooler weather, we can all benefit from eating low carb low sodium snacks. When the weather becomes cool, we often have the low carb munchies. Therefore, we often tend to snack more often. However, with less humidity in the air, we require less sodium because we are perspiring less and retaining more sodium. Because of this, this is a great time to highlight some low carb low sodium snacks for us to eat this fall and winter.

Many people are on a low carb diet to lose weight. However, there are many people on a low carb diet to help control diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic conditions like leaky gut syndrome and candida. So, this post is written with the health benefit of being on a low carb diet in mind.

Simple Starter Tips:

  • Salt is used as a preservative in food. Therefore, most pre-packaged foods are high in salt. Therefore, raw, fresh, and self-preserving foods will have the least amount of sodium.
  • Before salt, cinnamon was used as a preservative in meat. Therefore, foods prepared with cinnamon should be lower in salt than a comparable item with no cinnamon.
  • Just as insulin is needed to transport sugar, potassium is needed to transport sodium out of the body via the urinary system. However, unlike insulin, our body does not produce potassium! We must somehow get enough potassium in our diet to balance our sodium consumption by lowering blood pressure.

According to the most recent U.S. Government Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the average American’s sodium intake is about 3,440 mg per day! However, the daily recommended level of sodium needed for an active person that loses sodium when sweating while exercising is a mere 1500 mg per day.

Now, when we look at the flip side, most peoples diets are potassium deficient. According to Medical News Today, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), our daily potassium intake requirement is around 4700 mg per day. However, the NHANES reported that less than 2% of the population eat this much potassium each day.

With the average American’s daily intake of sodium being more than double the amount required, and the majority of our potassium intake being deficient, it is no surprise that high blood pressure and related diseases are on the increase. Therefore, I will provide the potassium and sodium content of some of the low carb low sodium snacks recommended below.

1. Low Carb Vegetables

The best low carb low sodium snacks are low carb vegetables (dark leafy greens are best). However, the key is getting fresh low carb dark green vegetables. In this way, they will be both low carb and low sodium. Remember that canned vegetables must be preserved, so they will have added sodium.  Vegetables also reduce the absorption of sodium and sugar because of their high fiber content.

Some fresh low carb veggies can be enjoyed raw with black pepper and fresh lemon, lime, or apple cider vinegar with mother. Cucumber Salads can make simple low carb low sodium snacks. With a little time, you will not miss the salt. On the other hand, most cooked low carb vegetables require a little more attention to taste.

2. Low Carb Fruits

The next best low carb low sodium snacks are low carb fruits. Most fruits are have more natural sugars than low carb vegetables. Therefore, it can be a little harder to determine how many carbs you have consumed. Therefore, it is best to use low carb fruits as salad toppings or with other no carb snacks. Fresh low carb fruits will have the most nutritional benefit. However, if eating pre-cut or pre-packaged fruit is the only way to get some fruit in your diet throughout the day, get low carb fruit cups with no-added sugar. In this way, you may capture some of the aforementioned benefits of fiber.

3. Unsalted Peanuts

The next low carb low sodium snacks recommended are low carb peanuts. Unsalted Dry Roasted Peanuts are low carb with low sodium and lots of natural potassium. However, they may have “preservatives” added because regular “unsalted peanuts” have even less sodium than the unsalted dry roasted peanuts. Peanuts are also really high in niacin. So, they can energize you and really get your blood flowing. The increase in blood flow will keep you warm in the winter. But in the summer heat, they will make you sweat peanuts! Pun intended.

1/2 cup Unsalted Peanuts = 15g Carbs, 3mg Sodium, 463mg Potassium, 18g Protein

2. Unsalted Almonds

My second low carb low sodium snacks recommended are unsalted almonds. Almonds are considered to prebiotics, meaning that they set the stage for better digestion and intestinal health. Many of you know that I prefer to drink unsweetened almond milk. However, you many not know that I am a huge fan of all things almond! Therefore, I also thoroughly enjoy a variety of low carb almond flour recipes. Almond flour is very versatile and can be used to make wonderful low carb low sodium snacks. You can look for some low carb almond flour recipes in our SIMPLE Low Carb Magazine – Fall Edition.

1/2 cup Unsalted Almonds = 10g Carbs, 0.5mg Sodium, 325mg Potassium, 10g Protein

3. Unsalted Pistachios

Most unsalted nuts are low carb and low sodium. However, unsalted pistachios are another noteworthy low carb low sodium snacks to eat on a low carb diet. They are higher in carbs than the aforementioned low carb nuts but really high in potassium. So, these unique tasting low carb nuts are delicious and can help lower your blood pressure. They have a pretty green color that makes them wonderful additions to low carb chocolate candy and low carb biscotti.

1/2 cup Unsalted Pistachios = 17g Carbs, 0.5mg Sodium, 630mg Potassium, 13g Protein

4. Unsweetened Dark Chocolate

As a self-preserving food, unsweetened dark chocolate make great low carb low sodium snacks. In fact, chocolate has unique health benefits that literally make us feel good. Because of this, we provide an array of low carb hot chocolate tea, low carb chocolate candy, and other low carb chocolate recipes on the blog. If you enjoy a dark cup of coffee, you can add 1 tablespoon of cacao powder to you morning coffee for and added boost. You may also find homemade low carb chocolate candy recipes in the upcoming SIMPLE Low Carb Magazines.

1 oz. Unsweetened Dark Chocolate = 17g Carbs, 7mg Sodium, 158mg Potassium, 1.4g Protein, 12mg Caffeine

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another one of the low carb low sodium snacks. While many are low carb, there are numerous that are high carb. Therefore, you have to check the carbohydrate content on the nutrition label. I prefer and eat the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt brand because they are low carb low sodium snacks and no fat. You can add them to your next local grocery delivery order.

1 Greek Yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit) = 9g Carbs, 50mg Sodium, 145mg Potassium, 12g Protein

6. Fresh Avocados

Fresh avocado are wonderful low carb low sodium snacks! However, remember to eat fresh avocados because the prepackaged stuff will likely be full of salt preservatives. This is one of my favorite low carb fruits to eat because it is very versatile. I have sliced one in half and eaten it with a spoon. However, there are many ways to incorporate avocados into your diet! I have used it as a sandwich spread, a chip dip, and as a main ingredient for a Mexican Shrimp Salsa. They also go really well with spinach egg omelets and this bunless low carb hamburger recipe.

1 Cup Diced Avocado = 12g Carbs, 10mg Sodium, 708mg Potassium, 3g Protein


Eating low carb low sodium snacks require a bit more planning. Nevertheless, it can be done! One of the best way to find low carb low sodium snacks is to stick with fresh, unsalted fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Fruit, veggie, and nut salad combos are a great way to balance your carbs, add more taste, and stay low sodium. You may enjoy eating this fall Low Carb Pumpkin Salad Recipe (w/Spinach and Feta). That’s all for now, but check this page again for more low carb low sodium snacks.

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